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...KOOP Radio, in accordance with common decency and public outcry, confines the broadcast of Le Chateau Daddy-O to between the hours of 4:30 and 6:00 pm on Tuesdays...sensitive listeners and the really up-tight are encouraged to tune in, turn on, and drop out at this time for the finest in vintage rock and psychedelic adventure from the past, present, and future...

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Le Chateau Daddy-O

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

The Rolling Stones

2000 Light Years from Home

Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol.2)

Tue, 2/13/18 - 11:30 pm Album | Track




Tue, 2/13/18 - 11:27 pm Album | Track

Dr. Timothy Leary

Trip - The Turn On

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

Tue, 2/13/18 - 11:25 pm Album | Track


The Daily Planer

Forever Changes

Tue, 2/13/18 - 11:21 pm Album | Track

Quicksilver Messenger Service

Fresh Air

Just for Love

Tue, 2/13/18 - 11:13 pm Album | Track

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Third Stone from the Sun

Are You Experienced?

Tue, 2/13/18 - 11:06 pm Album | Track


Season of the Witch

Donovan's Greatest Hits

Tue, 2/13/18 - 10:58 pm Album | Track

The Seeds

Mr. Farmer

A Web of Sound

Tue, 2/13/18 - 10:54 pm Album | Track

The Monkees

Sunny Girlfriend


Tue, 2/13/18 - 10:51 pm Album | Track

The Move

Flowers in the Rain


Tue, 2/13/18 - 10:47 pm Album | Track

The Rockin' Berries

Yellow Rainbow

Haunted: Psychedelic Pstones Vol. 2

Tue, 2/13/18 - 10:43 pm Album | Track

The Idle Race

Hurry Up John

Insane Times: 25 British Psychedeic Artyfacts from the EMI Vaults

Tue, 2/13/18 - 10:39 pm Album | Track

Status Quo

When My Mind is Not Alive

Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from the Status Quo

Tue, 2/13/18 - 10:36 pm Album | Track

The Electric Prunes

Kyrie Eleison

Easy Rider (ost)

Tue, 2/13/18 - 10:32 pm Album | Track


Theme for an Imaginary Western


Tue, 2/6/18 - 11:55 pm Album | Track

J.J. Cale

I'll Kiss this World Goodbye


Tue, 2/6/18 - 11:51 pm Album | Track

Plastic Factory

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

Safe as Milk

Tue, 2/6/18 - 11:48 pm Album | Track

The Mothers of Invention

Plastic People

Absolutely Free

Tue, 2/6/18 - 11:44 pm Album | Track

The Fugs

The Garden is Open

Tenderness Junction

Tue, 2/6/18 - 11:38 pm Album | Track

Aphrodite's Child

Vallely of Sadness

End of the World

Tue, 2/6/18 - 11:35 pm Album | Track


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