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One of KOOP's longest-running programs, Jamaican Gold walks the timeline of Jamaican music from 1960 to 1980: starting with uptempo early ska, swinging into soulful rocksteady & revive, easing into the inception and development of reggae, and ending with ethereal, effects-driven classic dub.

Now into his 17th year of somehow being tolerated by KOOP management, host Art Baker brings extensive knowledge and a large personal library of these musical styles to bear each week as he traces the evolution of these great sounds.

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Jamaican Gold

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

The Paragons

Same Song

The Original Paragons

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:51 pm Album | Track

Alton Ellis

Feeling Inside

Clancy Eccles Presents His Reggae Revue

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:48 pm Album | Track

Delano Stewart

That's Life

Dancing Down Orange Street

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:44 pm Album | Track

Winston Riley

Born To Love

Techniques in Dub

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:42 pm Album | Track

The Sensations

Born To Love You

The Music Got Soul!

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:39 pm Album | Track

The Techniques

Man of my Word

The Techniques and Friends

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:36 pm Album | Track

Basil Daley

Hold Me Baby

Hold Me Baby

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:33 pm Album | Track

Marcia Griffith

Feel Like Jumping

The Best of Studio One Women

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:30 pm Album | Track

Don Drummond and Baba Brooks Band

Doctor Dekker

Treasure Isle Presents: Ska

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:27 pm Album | Track

Desmond Dekker and the Aces

Mount Zion

Trojan Presents: Mod Ska

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:24 pm Album | Track

Clive Wilson

One Ska, One Ounce of Weed, One Beer

One Ska, One Ounce of Weed, One Beer

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:22 pm Album | Track

The Ethiopians

Free Man

The Original Reggae Hit Sound of the Ethiopians

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:19 pm Album | Track

The Blues Blenders

The Girl Next Door

Trojan Ska Box Set, Vol 2

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:17 pm Album | Track

Duke Reid All Stars


Don Drummond: The Memorial Album

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:14 pm Album | Track

The Cherry Pies

Do You Keep On Dreaming

Island Records Presents: Ska

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:12 pm Album | Track

Alton Ellis and the Flames

Dance Crasher

Dance Crasher

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:08 pm Album | Track

Roland Alphonso


Ska Down Jamaica Way Vol 4

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:05 pm Album | Track

Baba Brooks Band and Chuck

Hold Your Head in Front

Gay Feet

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:03 pm Album | Track

Roy Harper


Gaz Mayall Top Tunes

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:00 pm Album | Track

Niney & Soul Syndicate

So Long Dub

Dub Box Set Vol. 2

Sun, 1/14/18 - 7:58 pm Album | Track


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