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One of KOOP's longest-running programs, Jamaican Gold walks the timeline of Jamaican music from 1960 to 1980: starting with uptempo early ska, swinging into soulful rocksteady & revive, easing into the inception and development of reggae, and ending with ethereal, effects-driven classic dub.

Now into his 17th year of somehow being tolerated by KOOP management, host Art Baker brings extensive knowledge and a large personal library of these musical styles to bear each week as he traces the evolution of these great sounds.

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Jamaican Gold

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Roy Harper


Gaz Mayall Top Tunes

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:00 pm Album | Track

The Skatalites

Latin Goes Ska

Dance Crasher

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:04 pm Album | Track

Lord Brynner

Congo War

Trojan Ska Box Set Vol. 1

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:06 pm Album | Track

Lord Tanamo

If you were mine

Trojan Ska Box Set Vol. 2

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:10 pm Album | Track

The Wes Minister Five

Shaking the Blues

Rare Jamaican Ska and Regggae

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:13 pm Album | Track

Frank Cosmo

Greetings From Beverley

Trojan Christmas Box Set

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:15 pm Album | Track

Basil Gabbidon

Lover Man

The Story of Blue Beat: Best of Ska 1962

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:20 pm Album | Track

Derrick Morgan

Blazing Fire

Trojan Ska Box Set Vol. 1

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:23 pm Album | Track


Rudie Bam Bam

Dance Crasher

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:26 pm Album | Track

Desmond Dekker

Rude Boy Train

The Essential Desmond Dekker

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:28 pm Album | Track

Lester Sterling

Super Special

Rocksteady Hits The Town

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:31 pm Album | Track

The Uniques

Let Me Go Girl

Absolutely Rocksteady

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:33 pm Album | Track

Dawn Penn

I'll Let you Go

Absolutely Rocksteady

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:35 pm Album | Track

Slim Smith

Everybody Needs Love

Now This is what I call version

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:38 pm Album | Track

Dennis Alcapone

My Voice Is Insured for Half a million dollars

My Voice Is Insured for Half a million dollars

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:41 pm Album | Track

Jackie Mitto

Hot Tamale

Tribute to Jackie Mitto

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:44 pm Album | Track

The Black Brothers

Lonely World

Red Bumb Bell

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:47 pm Album | Track

Errol Dunkley

You're Going To Need Me

Joe Gibbs: Scorchers From The Early Years

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:49 pm Album | Track

Dave Barker

Prisoner of Your Love

I am the Upsetter

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:51 pm Album | Track

John Holt and Joya Landis

I'll Be Lonely

The Tide Is High

Sun, 5/11/14 - 12:54 pm Album | Track


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