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The Graveside Service is the show about dead celebrities! Each Saturday morning from 9-10am, your host Mr. Harris marks the death anniversaries of musicians, actors, authors, politicians and celebrities of every sort and ilk with music, information and good ol' fashioned fun. You may email the Graveside Service at [email protected].

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Graveside Service

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Milton delugg & his Orchestra


Musuc for Monsters, Mummmies & other TV Fiends

Sat, 7/8/17 - 2:04 pm Album | Track

The Westerner

True Tales from the Anarchist's Cookbook

I'll Win I'll Win

Sat, 7/8/17 - 2:00 pm Album | Track

Luther Vandross

Going Out of My Head

Your Secret

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:56 pm Album | Track

Herbie Mann

Batida Differente

Right Now

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:50 pm Album | Track

Robert Mitchum

Jean and Dinah

Calyps - Is Like so...

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:47 pm Album | Track

Robert Mitchum

The Ballad of Thunder Road

Calyps - Is Like so...

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:45 pm Album | Track

Herbie Mann


Right Now

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:42 pm Album | Track

Val Doonican

Almost Like Being in Love

Songs for Lovers

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:40 pm Album | Track

Papa Razzi and the Photogs

Walter Matthau Tribute Song

I Can't Get Over How Great these songs Are

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:38 pm Album | Track

Herbie Mann

Groovy Samba

Do the Bossa Nova

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:36 pm Album | Track


Marlon Brando

Jacket Smasher

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:34 pm Album | Track

Marlon Brando

Luck Be a Lady Tonight

Guys and Dolls

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:30 pm Album | Track

Jean Simmons and Marlon Brando

I'll Know

Guys and Dolls

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:25 pm Album | Track

The Dickies

I'm Stuck ina Condo (With Marlon Brando)

Idjit Savant

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:21 pm Album | Track

Nino Rota

The Godfather Waltz

The Godfather

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:16 pm Album | Track

Ilene Woods

A Dream is a wish that Your heart Makes

Classis Disney

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:12 pm Album | Track

Neal Hefti


Themes from TV

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:09 pm Album | Track

NBC Orchestra

Little House on the Prairie

Must See TV

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:04 pm Album | Track

Michael Landon

Santa Got Lost in texas

Bonanza! Christmas on the Ponderosa

Sat, 7/1/17 - 2:00 pm Album | Track

Klaus Nomi

Ding Dong

Klaus Nomi

Sat, 6/24/17 - 2:57 pm Album | Track


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