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The Graveside Service is the show about dead celebrities! Each Saturday morning from 9-10am, your host Mr. Harris marks the death anniversaries of musicians, actors, authors, politicians and celebrities of every sort and ilk with music, information and good ol' fashioned fun. You may email the Graveside Service at [email protected].

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Graveside Service

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Ronald Tyke Oliver

Althea Gibson

history and Black Heroes

Sat, 2/24/18 - 3:33 pm Album | Track

Ellis Paul

Rosa Parks

The Hero In You

Sat, 2/24/18 - 3:28 pm Album | Track

Marian Anderson

Ave Maria Sat, 2/24/18 - 3:23 pm Album | Track

Count Basie and his Orchestra

Ol' Man River

Dance Along with Basie

Sat, 2/24/18 - 3:18 pm Album | Track

K Bach

Freerick Douglass

Black History Month

Sat, 2/24/18 - 3:14 pm Album | Track

The Medicine Man & Ya Ya

George Washington Carver

Teach the Children

Sat, 2/24/18 - 3:09 pm Album | Track

Karl Krueger and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Afro-American Symphony

Afro American Symphony

Sat, 2/24/18 - 3:04 pm Album | Track

Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick

Benjamin Banneker

Ballads of Black America

Sat, 2/24/18 - 3:01 pm Album | Track

Tennessee Ernie Ford

You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry

Masters 1949-1976

Mon, 2/19/18 - 3:00 pm Album | Track

Visiting Kids

Microwave Babies

visiting Kids

Sat, 2/17/18 - 3:57 pm Album | Track


(I Can't Get no) Satisfaction

Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo

Sat, 2/17/18 - 3:54 pm Album | Track

Thelonius Monk


Round Midnight

Sat, 2/17/18 - 3:51 pm Album | Track

Mindy McCready

I Hate that I Love You

I'm Still Here

Sat, 2/17/18 - 3:47 pm Album | Track

Mindy McCready

Guys Do It All the Time

I'm Still Here

Sat, 2/17/18 - 3:43 pm Album | Track

Thelonius Monk

'Round Midnight

Round Midnight

Sat, 2/17/18 - 3:38 pm Album | Track

Rosemary Clooney

Mambo Italiano

Big Night

Sat, 2/17/18 - 3:33 pm Album | Track

Anna Maria Alberghetti

Love Makes the World Go 'Round


Sat, 2/17/18 - 3:30 pm Album | Track

Angela Lansbury

You Never Looked Better


Sat, 2/17/18 - 3:25 pm Album | Track

Barbra Streisand

Don't Rain on My Parade

Funny Girl

Sat, 2/17/18 - 3:21 pm Album | Track

Ray Barretto

Sunday Afternoon

Hot Hands

Sat, 2/17/18 - 3:17 pm Album | Track


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