Darkest Before Dawn

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Darkest Before Dawn is the show that brings you the finest in Goth, Industrial, and Other Related Genres from the past through the present day.

You can contact us with requests or show theme ideas on Facebook at Darkest Before Dawn Facebook Page

You can also email us:  DJV, DJ AsuraSunil

If you miss an episode, it will be available to stream on demand for 2 weeks following the live air date at Radio Free America 


Our next Darkest Before Dawn Membership Drive Benefit at Elysium is happening on Saturday, February 10th, 2018... Information can be found on the Facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/176999213053390/

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Darkest Before Dawn

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Love & Rockets

Body & Soul

Hot Trip to Heaven

Sun, 1/14/18 - 12:02 am Album | Track


Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

TV Terror: Feltching A Dead Horse

Sun, 1/14/18 - 12:00 am Album | Track

Bella Morte

Black Orchids

Year of the Ghost

Sun, 1/7/18 - 12:58 am Album | Track


Flux (Solar Fake Remix)

Age of the Disposable Body

Sun, 1/7/18 - 12:52 am Album | Track

Adoration Destroyed


Ritual Deconstruction

Sun, 1/7/18 - 12:48 am Album | Track

Blakk Glass

Dance On Me


Sun, 1/7/18 - 12:40 am Album | Track


The Burning Bridge (Decoded Feedback Remix)


Sun, 1/7/18 - 12:34 am Album | Track

The Jesus and Mary Chain

The Two of Us

Damage and Joy

Sun, 1/7/18 - 12:26 am Album | Track

Gary Numan

When The World Comes Apart

Savage (Songs from A Broken World)

Sun, 1/7/18 - 12:20 am Album | Track


Counting Walls

Red Goes Grey

Sun, 1/7/18 - 12:11 am Album | Track




Sun, 1/7/18 - 12:08 am Album | Track


Osafa Chram

The Agony Box

Sun, 1/7/18 - 12:04 am Album | Track

Love & Rockets

Body & Soul

Hot Trip to Heaven

Sun, 1/7/18 - 12:02 am Album | Track


Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

TV Terror: Feltching A Dead Horse

Sun, 1/7/18 - 12:00 am Album | Track

Nitzer Ebb

Let Your Body Learn

That Total Age

Sun, 12/31/17 - 12:51 am Album | Track

Siouxsie & The Banshees

Little Johnny Jewel

Through the Looking Glass

Sun, 12/31/17 - 12:46 am Album | Track

The Dead Milkmen

Instant Club Hit

Bucky Fellini

Sun, 12/31/17 - 12:39 am Album | Track

Depeche Mode

Pleasure, Little Treasure

Never Let Me Down Again CDS

Sun, 12/31/17 - 12:34 am Album | Track

The Cure

Like Cockatoos

Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Sun, 12/31/17 - 12:26 am Album | Track

Fields of the Nephilim



Sun, 12/31/17 - 12:22 am Album | Track


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