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On the air since the beginning of June 1995, Czech Melody Time features Texas polka, waltz and march music as represented by the music performed and recorded by various orchestras of Texas-Czech, German and Polish origin, both past and present. As such, the program focuses on both the contemporary polka circuit in Texas while simultaneously presenting a historical perspective on the important cultural and musical legacy upon which the modern scene is based. In addition, there is a "calendar" which features announcements about upcoming polka-related events (dances, church picnics and festivals featuring Texas-Czech and German music and culture in Texas, stressing events in and around central Texas). There is also a short Czech lesson, and sometimes live music in the studio, or a live interview guest. The show has been met with enthusiasm and excitement, particularly by Czechs in Austin and members of the several Czech heritage groups in Travis and Williamson counties, as well as by other people who have come to learn about this important Texas music who had previously never heard of it before.

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Czech Melody Time

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Litt'l Fishermen Orch

Slavish Boy polka

Live at Gibbon

Thu, 9/21/17 - 12:58 am Album | Track

Czech & Then Some

Saddle Horse polka

Czech & Then Some Play Old Time Music

Thu, 9/21/17 - 12:56 am Album | Track

Ray Krenek Orch

Headache waltz

15 Top Hit Tunes

Thu, 9/21/17 - 12:44 am Album | Track

Ray Krenek Orch

Houston polka

Jimmy Brosch Remembers 20 Legendary Texas Czech Polka Bands

Thu, 9/21/17 - 12:42 am Album | Track

Jimmy Brosch & the Happy Country Boys

Dreamers waltz (Jde Potok Louzinou)

Believe It or Not

Thu, 9/21/17 - 12:33 am Album | Track

Jodie Mikula Orch

Madlenka polka

Musically Yours

Thu, 9/21/17 - 12:30 am Album | Track

Czech Melody Masters

Cuckoo waltz

Czech Please!

Thu, 9/21/17 - 12:27 am Album | Track

Jerry Haisler & the Melody 5

Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie

Polka & Waltz Favorites

Thu, 9/21/17 - 12:24 am Album | Track

Holub Polka Band

Innocence waltz

Younger Generation

Thu, 9/21/17 - 12:12 am Album | Track

Kovandas Czech Band

For Happiness polka

Texas Polka Music Museum-Bands of Texas Vol 2

Thu, 9/21/17 - 12:09 am Album | Track

Ennis Czech Boys

Haunted Garret waltz

You have the Right to Polka

Thu, 9/21/17 - 12:05 am Album | Track

Walburg Boys

Der Borischer

Walburg Style

Thu, 9/21/17 - 12:03 am Album | Track

Joe Patek Orch

Shiner Song

Texas Czech Bohemian Moravian Bands

Thu, 9/21/17 - 12:00 am Album | Track

Gil Baca Band

Baca's Lively polka

Polkas & Waltzes by Gil Baca

Thu, 8/17/17 - 1:00 am Album | Track

Bill Mraz Orch

Dog Gone waltz

Festival of Old Time Polkas & Waltzes

Thu, 8/17/17 - 12:58 am Album | Track

Hi-Toppers Orch

Mildred polka

Polkas & Waltzes

Thu, 8/17/17 - 12:55 am Album | Track

Vrazels Polka Band

Memories waltz

Polka Celebration

Thu, 8/17/17 - 12:46 am Album | Track

Vrazels Polka Band

Oklahoma waltz


Thu, 8/17/17 - 12:36 am Album | Track

Vrazels Polka Band

You Win Again

Country Sounds 1966-2006

Thu, 8/17/17 - 12:33 am Album | Track

Red Ravens

Mountain Valley waltz

Your Favorites, Our Style

Thu, 8/17/17 - 12:30 am Album | Track


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