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Adventures in Sound is a free-form show that explores music spanning more than 120 years of recorded sound.

Since September 2005, host Dennis Campa has highlighted a variety of music from his collection of 20,000 plus records and cd's. 

Among the sounds you may hear: century old recordings by noted vaudevillians; musical oddities only found in thrift stores; vintage blues & jazz sides; and records made by movie and television stars.

Many well known writers, historians, deejays, and musicians have been interviewed on the show over the years.  A personal show highlight was a phone interview with Dr. Demento in October 2009.

Email requests or comments to: [email protected].

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Adventures in Sound

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Ethel Waters

I Just Couldn't Take It Baby

Sophisticated Ladies

Sat, 2/24/18 - 6:38 pm Album | Track

Billie Holiday

I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues #2

The Complete Commodore Recordings

Sat, 2/24/18 - 6:31 pm Album | Track

Ethel Waters

I've Found a New Baby

Ethel Waters' Greatest Years

Sat, 2/24/18 - 6:23 pm Album | Track

Adelaide Hall

I Can't Give You Anything But Love

Fats Waller: The Complete Recorded Works Volume 5

Sat, 2/24/18 - 6:17 pm Album | Track

Maxine Sullivan

Mad About the Boy

Sophisticated Ladies

Sat, 2/24/18 - 6:10 pm Album | Track

Cleo Brown

(Lookie Lookie Lookie) Here Comes Cookie

Here Comes Cleo

Sat, 2/24/18 - 6:02 pm Album | Track

Clarence Williams' Blue Five

Cake Walking Babies from Home(

Young Sidney Bechet

Sat, 2/17/18 - 7:57 pm Album | Track

Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers

Doctor Jazz


Sat, 2/17/18 - 7:50 pm Album | Track

(Jimmie) O'Bryant's (Famous Original) Washboard Band

Shake That Thing

Paramount Jazz

Sat, 2/17/18 - 7:47 pm Album | Track

Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five

Heebie Jeebies

The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings

Sat, 2/17/18 - 7:42 pm Album | Track

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band

Snake Rag

Gennett Jazz

Sat, 2/17/18 - 7:39 pm Album | Track

Duke Ellington and His Washingtonians

East St. Louis Toodle-Oo

Volume 1

Sat, 2/17/18 - 7:36 pm Album | Track

Jelly Roll Morton

Grandpa's Spells (A Stomp)

Gennett Jazz

Sat, 2/17/18 - 7:31 pm Album | Track

Dixie Four

Kentucky Stomp

Paramount Jazz

Sat, 2/17/18 - 7:28 pm Album | Track

Sammie Lewis with His Bamville Syncopators

Arkansas Shout

jazz the World Forgot Volume 1

Sat, 2/17/18 - 7:25 pm Album | Track

Charlie Johnson's Original Paradise Ten

Don't You Leave Me Here

Don't You Leave Me Here

Sat, 2/17/18 - 7:19 pm Album | Track

Savoy Bearcats

Bearcat Stomp

Hot Notes

Sat, 2/17/18 - 7:16 pm Album | Track

Louis Armstrong's Hot Seven

Potato Head Blues

The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings

Sat, 2/17/18 - 7:13 pm Album | Track

Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra

St. Louis Blues

Chicago Rhythm, Apex Blues

Sat, 2/17/18 - 7:06 pm Album | Track

Sam Morgan's Jazz Band

Everybody's Talking About Sammy

Jazz the World Forgot Volume 2

Sat, 2/17/18 - 7:03 pm Album | Track


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