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The Common Thread
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THE COMMON THREAD is primarily about disability history culture and rights. The broadcast content attempts to contradict the misnomers concerning the disability experience. This is created by soft bigotry and hard marginalization. Due to the fact that Able-ism is the bridge between oppressing youth and the elderly. Remember we were all young and not taken seriously. We all grow older and are marginalized with depreciation. During the intermittent gestation, called life, we all have a connection to this common thread. Bringing this lightness to bear, the show also shares general content concerning social justice, human rights, and civil rights. While there are a multitude of allies to the disabled, THE COMMON THREAD feels strongly about bringing content to the attention of the world that is created by individuals with disabilities; Nothing about us without us.

ThorThor Armbruster has worked at the Texas school for the Blind and visually impaired subbing since 1988, and becoming full time since 1992. As an individual with a disability being raised by a mother that worked with the disabled, Thor for 45 plus years has been given a powerful perspective on the importance of “Nothing about us without us.” Thor has had gigs in Sound production with design at SCARE for a CURE (for a decade) as well as live and studio engineering since the early 1990’s. Community media entered Thor’s life with classes taken and performances at the early ACCESS tv studios. This dates back to the late 1980’s. Thor has been hosting shows at KOOP radio since 2005. For several years Thor also served on the Austin co-op think tank, which brought clarification to possibilities of co-operation having an impact on society. This enjoyment was brought to his volunteer work at Wheatsville food co-op and KOOP radio.