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Studio Line: 512-472-KOOP (5667)

Swamp Riot
PO Box 301899
Austin, TX 78703-0032

Each week we will explore different genres and sub-genres from different eras and locations around the world to dive into the politics of their messaging. I chose the name “Swamp Riot” in homage to the phrase “drain the swamp.” It started out as a socialist phrase and I want to work to reclaim it as such. Everything we do is political, especially the music we make and I’m here to break that down with you. Yes, we have to make everything political, and yes, everything is arguably punk.

Check out everynoise.com if you want to help me pick out a random sub-genre.

ErinHi! I’m Erin. I collect VHS tapes and I like music. I also like my cats.