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Soul Vaccination
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Soul music originated in many Black communities in the 1950’s and early 1960’s.

Soul music started as a hybrid of gospel and rhythm and blues that was influential during the Civil Rights Movement and became popular for dancing and listening in the United States and worldwide. Typical instruments in Soul music include electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards (organ, piano), drums, and horns.  Soul Music eventually splintered into sub genres, such as funk and psychedelic soul, and several cities had their unique interpretations of Soul music, including Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Memphis, and New Orleans.

Soul Vaccination seeks to highlight Soul music and Soul music artists from the genesis of Soul music in the 60’s to current soul artists.  Progenitors like James Brown, Solomon Burke, and Aretha Franklin are highlighted along with lesser known artists like Laura Lee, Garland Green, and The Counts.  On Soul Vaccination, you can hear songs from different decades, by solo artists and groups, from various cities and countries that have one thing in common – soulful vocals and adroit musicianship.  Additionally, Magic tells you what artist you hear and what year the song was released.  Also, every week, Soul Vaccination features a song by Earth Wind & Fire, Magic’s favorite band.

Listen to Soul Vaccination, and get your Soul right! Stream the past two episodes 24/7 at Radio Free America.

I am originally from Fort Worth, Texas. I have always loved music. I played the trumpet in my junior high marching band, and my main instrument now is the bass guitar. The first band I saw in concert was Earth Wind & Fire!  I am a University of Texas graduate and former University of Texas basketball player.  I have been at the station since 2004, when it was located on 5th Street.