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In Touch Interviews
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In Touch Interviews explores the rich landscape of central Texas helping communities by organizing interviews with leaders, members, and clients of nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, neighborhood groups, businesses, and informal networks of people supporting one another through challenging and fortunate times. Interviews make big organizations approachable and highlight the innovative programs and initiatives of lesser-known groups by publicizing the individual voices of people working within them. We try to fit in a little detail about organizers’ backgrounds so listeners learn about their personal and professional journeys to helping others. In Touch Interviews also updates KOOP listeners and community members on ways they can help others, on ways they can get help, and on the growing and developing networks of inspiring and enthusiastic neighbors and community members who keep bonds with friends and neighbors good and tight during trying times. Program organizers focus on COVID-19 responses, equal justice advocacy, food security, environmental preservation, strategies for community organizing, prison abolition and restorative justice, and other community-related topics. Well-organized communities with well-resourced members who are aware of the people, policies, and networks of help available to them progress through crises with lower rates of mental illness and economic vulnerability, and they have better health and living outcomes. To that end, In Touch Interviews develops sustaining relationships among community members and increases KOOP community engagement, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to help put this tool for community connection on the air.

Undercover Greg has been on the KOOP airwaves for over ten years and hosted many programs on the schedule including Under the Covers With Greg, Reflections of Community Outreach, Austin Artists and the Community Pilot Show.  Since the lock down he has pivoted and now dedicates himself to keeping our Listeners informed, in touch and safe during the pandemic as part of the In-Touch Interview Collective.

Lynn Cowles helps connect people, coordinate groups, share ideas, and build equitable systems of relation for diverse community groups and organizations. She’s a community organizer, an outreach specialist, a public health policy advocate, a grant writer, a book-clubber, a tiny dancer, and a midfielder, and over the pandemic, she started playing drums.

  • Feb 18, 2022

    In Touch Interviews Feature: PelotonU Makes Higher Education Possible for Everyone

    Nonprofit education organization PelotonU dismantles the traditional model of higher education in the United States, which is still and too often conceived of as a path for success for young people getting out of high school. PelotonU Admissions Manager Janet Rodriguez explains how PelotonU increases equity in educational environments by providing support systems for nontraditional […]

  • Aug 26, 2021

    Gathering Ground Theater: Helping Give Voice to Austin’s Unhoused Neighbors

    Gathering Ground Theater (GGT) is a performance troupe made of people with lived experiences of homelessness in Austin, Texas. GGT produces and features performances about the lives and worlds of neighbors suffering from homelessness and/or housing injustice. Their performances provide platforms for those who experience homelessness to share their stories with clear voices and share their narratives […]

  • Aug 05, 2021

    Local Musician and Organizer Stellar Talks about Music and Revolution

      For Austin, Texas musician Stellar, making music is about uplifting people—their desires, their celebrations, their sorrows, and their abundance. In this segment, Stellar speaks with In Touch Interviews about an upcoming album release, transcendental folk music, and the relationship between their art and their activism. They’ve got a Kickstarter going for the album release, and you […]

  • Jun 17, 2021

    Dress for Success Austin and the Mental Wellness Network Create Opportunities for Women’s Empowerment and Mental Wellness

    Interview with Mia Johns of Dress for Success Austin “What’s not to love about fashion and female empowerment?” asks Dress for Success Austin (DFSA) Executive Director Mia Johns in this conversation with In Touch Interviews. Dress for Success is a national network of local campuses, like the one in Austin, that empower women to achieve […]

  • May 10, 2021

    Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities with Austin Woman Magazine, the Area Agency on Aging, and Scare for a Cure

    Austin Woman Magazine’s 2021 Woman’s Way Business Awards on May 19, 2021 As a mode and means of expression for women and nonbinary people in diverse arts and business industries in central Texas, Austin Woman magazine curates media content that supports and represents the incredible array of women creatives in the area. In this In Touch Interview, Austin Woman Director of […]