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Bangers & Mush
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Bangers & Mush is a chronological, week-by-week history of 1960s British popular music, beginning with the week of January 1, 1960. As of January 1, 2020, we have progressed to the year 1964 and feature the work only of British musicians, including those born in other countries who were living and working in the UK in the 1960s. Genres include rock, pop, jazz, blues, R&B, country, easy listening, folk, ska, soundtracks, and novelty records. See our Facebook page for playlists, photos, and previews of coming attractions. Stream the past two episodes 24/7 at Radio Free America.

The SwingerThe Swinger has been a KOOP programmer since 1997, when he hosted Dragsville, featuring surf & hot rod instrumentals. In addition to Bangers & Mush and Dragsville, he has hosted The Swinger, co-hosted Up on the Download, and was a member of The Jazz Show collective. He currently serves as the KOOP Music Director and founded Wildebeest Records, which operated from 1997-2004.