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This past February, Sheverb set out to do something extraordinary. For one month, the tribe dropped out of the daily grind in Austin, TX to live together in Bombay Beach, a semi-abandoned seaside resort town in the Southern California desert. Once there, they built a pop-up studio in an old barn, wrote a full-length album, and recorded it.

The result is Once Upon a Time in Bombay Beach, an instrumental, surf-infused, desert-fueled rock & roll concept album, and today, the ladies of reverb debut their new music video for the opening song, Buried in the Sand, right here on KOOP:

Sheverb’s second album is a time capsule that speaks to the experience of 5 Texan musicians embedded in a bizarre landscape together. More than a collection of songs, this instrumental concept album takes the listener through a distinctly Bombay Beach psychedelic adventure.

DAAAMMNN! No sophomore slump for Sheverb, rather a Bob Beamon-like leap forward.” Darkside Daddy, 91.7 KOOP radio

Largely developed in the 1950s, Bombay Beach enjoyed many years of thriving tourism, but water-related environmental issues eventually drove many away. According to the 2010 census, the town’s population had dwindled to 295, but in this past decade, the town has seen an art-driven revival of sorts, with an increasing number of creatives flocking to the area to revel in graffiti-covered buildings and surreal sculptural installations. Sheverb immersed themselves in the local community with late night explorations of abandoned structures, performances in Slab City and lunchtime picnics on the Salton Sea, a body of water with a fascinating history. Their goal was to not only soak in the energy of this unique place, but also create a sound to match.

“Sounds like I’ve been transported to the 1800 by means of a surfboard made from DeLorean parts.” – Ryan Shirley, The All Right Show

Sheverb’s album, Once Upon a Time in Bombay Beach, dropped August 28, 2020. Get your copy on Bandcamp:

About Sheverb

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Born on a high desert wind, Sheverb is a womxn-led, collectively run, psychedelic desert rock band based in Austin, TX. Armed with their instruments, the Ladies of Reverb are out to challenge our understanding of the romanticized Wild West with their peyote-fueled, surf-infused sound. In the past year, Sheverb crowdfunded a vinyl EP, signed to PeacockSunrise Records, completed two successful tours of the Southwest, and created a “smoldering sound [that] matches Texas heat in a big way” (The Austinot).

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