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Bob Dailey was in high school during the 1960s civil rights era. He says he certainly was “aware of the issues, but it wasn’t until later in my life that I realized their enormous significance, especially regarding racial justice.”

Now retired after a long business career, Bob joined KOOP as a volunteer in 2017 and became a programmer a year later. The times had changed, of course, but many of the issues from his youth remained or had returned … “things we thought had been resolved.” So Bob proposed Civil Rights and Wrongs. His first show aired June 5, 2018.

Bob conducts Civil Rights and Wrongs in a conversational format rather than with formal interviews or a “point-counterpoint” approach. Michelle Manning-Scott is his co-host. They and their guests have covered topics ranging from the social justice and police reform protests of Summer, 2020 to the Supreme Court’s actions and inactions on civil rights matters to public safety v. public endangerment. The Black Lives Matter movement, and the opposition to it, have received lots of attention, as did the city budget debates about funding or de-funding the Austin police.

Bob’s guests are a who’s who of local and statewide civil rights participants, advocates, and leaders … people such as Chas Moore of the Austin Justice Coalition, UT Supreme Court expert Steve Vladeck, journalists Gus Bova and Michael Barajas of the Texas Observer, and frequent contributor Jim Harrington, founder of the Texas Civil Rights Project.

Bob says he is both encouraged and discouraged by the state of civil rights nowadays, nationally and locally. On the plus side, he says, “I’m especially encouraged by the increased attention to matters of race and equity. There’s a level of awareness that people did not have for a long time.” On the minus side, Bob expresses concern that the courts “have become inimical to civil rights. I’m most concerned about voter suppression, so we’re watching the Supreme Court very closely.”

You can hear Civil Rights and Wrongs every Tuesday at 6pm. In Austin, tune to 91.7FM, worldwide at

– Michael A. Brown

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