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KOOP is partnering with a grant-funded project on migration narrative collection. We are currently inviting any 18+ male or female from the Asian diaspora: immigrants, refugees, and undocumented people in Central Texas to hear about their life stories during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re offering $25 for an hour of interview. Confidentiality of identity and research ethics will be maintained. Our goal is to bring attention to and increase awareness of Asian American mental health and wellbeing. Reshmi Chowdhury, a Community Council member of KOOP Radio, is the lead researcher of the project, and KOOP Radio is collaborating on this narrative collection under the larger umbrella of Migration Narratives Project in Central Texas. Funding is provided by the Institute for Diversity and Civic Life and the Henry Luce Foundation.

If you are interested to let us know about your story, please contact Reshmi Chowdhury: OR Gregory Ciotti:

If you’re interested in being an English interpreter of any Asian language, please send an email to Reshmi or Gregory.

On-Air Schedule:

8 July, Thursday: In Touch Interviews (Introduction of the project, goals, and broadcast schedule)

19 July, Monday: Reflections of Community Outreach 

5 August, Thursday In Touch Interviews

16 August, Reflections of Community Outreach

2 September, In Touch Interviews

20 September, Reflections of Community Outreach

7 October, In Touch Interviews

18 October, Reflections of Community Outreach

4 November, In Touch Interviews (Diwali)

15 November, Reflections of Community Outreach 

2 December, In Touch Interviews

13 December, Reflections of Community Outreach (Summary of findings and personal reflections)


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