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It is said that the Rat is the first of the twelve zodiac animals because he tricked the Ox into carrying him to the Jade Emperor and then jumped off to be the first animal to arrive. It is also why the Ox is the second animal.

The year of the Ox starts the Lunar New Year on February 12th and those born under this sign are said to be imbued with diligence, dependability, strength, determination and alliteration.

All years and zodiac signs are auspicious in their own ways, and the cycle of animals reoccurs every twelve years. It is easy to do the math to calculate under which sign you were born.

Celebrating the new year across the pan pacific arc starts as early as January first and can run though the traditional spring planting seasons. It is typically preceded by house cleaning, to make room for the year’s good fortune, and accompanied by family reunions, fireworks and special foods of all kinds.

Join KOOP in its annual Celebration Event of the Lunar New Year in your own way but learn from the Ox to be diligent in these times of pandemic by wearing a mask, keeping your distance and washing more than just before the new year.

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