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The Bright Light Social Hour’s recent split single/mini EP Enter Weed Martyr carries on the group’s tradition of taking the blues rock genre to a new level by combining it with powerful psychedelic influences. The first track titled, “Guillotine Billionaires” opens with a drum break akin to Radiohead’s Bloom that supports an infectious fuzzy guitar hook. The first track appropriately clocks in at 4:20 and effortlessly glides into “Responsibility,” where the drums slow and the focus is placed on the fuzzed out guitar tone with a feel similar to Black Sabbath’s War Pigs

The equestrian centered music video for the EP takes us from a ranch to an art gallery to some bar patios you might recognize around Austin, including the iconic pool from Kitty Cohen’s. Overall, the EP is a welcome return for the longtime Austin rockers and brings hope for what is to come as the local music scene comes to life again. 

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 Review by Sarah Ronan

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