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Earlier this month, Dorio, a songwriting project by Austin musician Chad Doriocourt, released the sometimes light and bouncy, sometimes experimental EP Dorio’s Robot Friends. The first track immediately grabs your attention with its danceable bass lines and catchy vocal melodies. The lyrics echo our need for connection within our digital lives with the chorus “I’ve got my robot friends, until the end comes near.” Recorded DIY style in Chad and collaborator Rachel Rascoe’s living room, the EP also features two post-apocalyptic remixes and a laid back instrumental interlude reminiscent of the iconic synth line from Talking Head’s This Must Be The Place. Dorio’s latest offering feels completely reflective of the current zeitgeist but also distantly futuristic; music that WALL-E can enjoy too.

Listen if you like: TC Superstar, Hey Cowboy!, Neon Indian

Review by Sarah Ronan

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