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Paul Leary’s single “Born Stupid” from his upcoming album of the same name (out February 12th) sounds like a mix between a spaghetti western and classic cosmic country, but with a deadpan Lou Reed-like vocal delivery that ponders an age old question. In a press release, Leary said about the track: “It was born from a revelation I had while riding my bicycle that I am not as smart as I wish I was.” This will be his first new album in 30 years following his role as lead guitarist and vocalist with Butthole Surfers and the release of his solo album “The History of Dogs” in 1991. With its hazy tremolo guitar riff and operatic backup vocals, I can safely say I haven’t heard a song like this in a long time, if ever.

Listen if you like: Butthole Surfers, Eels, C.W. McCall

Review by Sarah Ronan

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