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In Touch Interviews talks with Austin-based musician, artist, and activist Jenny Parrott, who has worked in conjunction with the City of Austin’s Cultural Arts program to organize a December 29, 2020 online event, “Sing with Me” from 8–10pm. The event is available at no cost to all community members, and any donated funds will benefit the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas. In celebration of the final full moon of 2020 and in celebration of singing, song, and creativity, the event will begin with an interview with acclaimed Plains Cree/Saddle Lake singer and songwriter Fawn Wood. Then, the collaborative creative experience/workshop/jam session will host a conversation about songwriting through the lenses of positivity and world-building. Participants can then break out into small groups to collaborate, share, create, sing, and have fun with other participants!

What: Sing with Me: A Discussion and Collaborative Creative Experience to Benefit the Lipan Apache Tribe of Central Texas
When: Tuesday, December 29, 2020 from 8–10pm

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