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The Bridge Collective
Bridge Collective Core Member Shannon Black says with respect to the COVID-19 crisis, “We saw the challenge, and we took it on.” A practical support system for people seeking reproductive healthcare in Central Texas, the Bridge Collective has shown up for their community by extending their networks nationally to help people seeking abortions. They’re also working with Jane’s Due Process to share reproductive health kits to people who don’t have access to transportation to go get things like contraceptives, Plan B pills, and so forth. They’re currently expanding their volunteer network, so reach out to them on their website to help expand access to women’s reproductive health in Texas.

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas
The advocacy and resources of Planned Parenthood Health Centers in Central Texas have kept women within reach of their sexual and reproductive health needs for decades. Advocates recently were able to reverse a pandemic-instigated policy that category that prevented women from getting abortions during the COVID-19 crisis, and women’s reproductive healthcare in Texas is now recognized as essential. PPGTX Community Outreach Specialist Astrid Fuentes updates KOOP on PPGTX’s digital programs for remote appointments, telehealth resources, and virtual workshops for sexual health education and their work to be sure patients fill out their census forms!

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