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A celebration of Dykes by people who love Dykes. Founders Beth Schindler, Lex Vaughn, and Anita Obasi talk about the Instagram account, Dykes You Should Know, they started to celebrate amazing Dykes, whether they’re famous the world over or famous among their friends, families, and communities. Contributors with or without digital media skills can get in touch with organizers to introduce, design, and share a visual celebration of Dykes who are important to them. The call for submissions is always open.


UT LGBTQ Studies
Director of the LGBTQ Studies Program at the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Lisa Moore, discusses the wonderful work being done in the department; their connections with initiatives in broader creative and queer communities; the newest issue of QT Voices, the department’s online magazine; and the Transgender Feminisms Reading Group, which meets monthly online (after the pandemic, at Bookwoman on North Lamar).
LGBTQ Studies Program
Transgender Feminisms Reading Group
QT Voices
OUTsider Festival

Austin Outpost
“We are only as liberated as the most oppressed of us,” says Devyn Harris, a Volunteer Coordinator with Austin Outpost, a network of community centers around town that provide supports and connection for queer neighbors. These wellness centers house therapy programs, events for creatives, and Pride planning resources.
Austin Outpost
QWELL Austin

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