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Join us on Monday as Emily No Good takes over our Instagram account (@koopradio / to celebrate the release of her new single, “Faster”.

“Faster” is the latest single from the budding solo project of Nevil’s frontwoman, Emily No Good. In this third song, she leans towards a more experimental sound accompanied by drony oscillations that leave you with an underwater feeling. Faster was first recorded over 7 years ago and has had many iterations since then. A few months before the pandemic, Emily dusted it off and took the files to Ice Cream Factory studio to rerecord vocals and polish the instrumentals with Matt Parmenter. She brought in Andrew Stevens to record additional drums. Almost everything else from the original track stayed. In her own words, the song is about “how addiction can turn someone you love into a person you no longer recognize.”

Revisit this post on Monday for the song!

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