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Each year KOOP turns to our volunteers and members to decide on which historic or culturally relevant events to name as Celebration Events. Earth Day has been one of these events for seven years.

This year the theme of World Earth Day is Restore Our Earth. This involves three days of Climate Action, April 20-22.  KOOP will reflect this with three days of special programming beginning with Reflections of Community Outreach on Monday the 19th through In-Touch Interviews on Wednesday.

All month long we will be offering suggestions on what you as an individual can do to turn the environment around, such as:

Plogging – Pick up trash while Jogging
Grow Greener – Learn about regenerative agriculture
Save the Forests – Unsubscribe to print catalogs and support reforestation
Support Youth – Add CLIMATE to the curriculum
Save the Bees – Help protect pollinators
Get Involved – Stand Up for Climate Actions

You can find 51 ways To Restore Our Earth at

Keep listening to KOOP all month for more suggestions on how to restore our earth or you can contact us at

Artwork by Grace Reyer

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