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Get a COVID Test: COVID cases and hospitalizations are on the rise in Travis County. Help reduce public health risks by staying at home when you’re able and by regularly getting COVID tests. If you have health insurance, contact your insurer for directions. If you don’t have health insurance, go to for testing options, or call 512-972-5560.

December 15 Deadline: 2021 Health Insurance: For people who don’t have offers of health insurance from employers, family members, or Medicare, you may qualify for subsidized health insurance through the federal Marketplace. For assistance filling out the application and picking a plan, call Foundation Communities’ Health Coverage program at 512-381-4520.

If you have a question for KOOP about COVID-19, leave a message for us at 512-710-5353 or We will respond to questions and share other community updates weekly on Reflections of Community Outreach or the In Touch Interviews show.

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