• News and EventsSep 20, 2020

    COVID-19 Update

    City PPE Distribution: The City of Austin is distributing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like facemasks, hand sanitizer, and educational materials at no cost to city residents twice more this week: Friday, September 18, 9–11am at the Ruiz Branch of the Austin Public Library (APL): 1600 Grove Blvd., Austin, TX 78741; and Saturday, September 19, 9–11am […]

  • News and EventsSep 11, 2020

    In Touch Interviews: Austin Women’s Health Organizations

    The Bridge Collective Bridge Collective Core Member Shannon Black says with respect to the COVID-19 crisis, “We saw the challenge, and we took it on.” A practical support system for people seeking reproductive healthcare in Central Texas, the Bridge Collective has shown up for their community by extending their networks nationally to help people seeking […]

  • News and EventsSep 11, 2020

    Vinyl Night with DJ Grafyto of Salsa Indestructible

    Our socially distanced version of Vinyl Night at The Carpenter Hotel continues with a playlist curated by DJ Grafyto of Salsa Indestructible. A mix of salsa, Latin soul, disco and even some boogaloo (because when would you ever say no to a little boogaloo), it’s all snatched from musicians doing their thing, their way, circa […]

  • News and EventsSep 08, 2020

    Dieciseis & Hispanic Heritage Month

    En el dia 16 de septiembre de mil ochocientos diez, el sacerdote católico Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla lanzó el famoso “Grito de Dolores”, así dando inicio a la guerra por la independencia mexicana. 210 years later, Mexicans across the globe still celebrate September 16 in commemoration of Mexican Independence. And in the U.S., we celebrate […]

  • News and EventsSep 07, 2020

    COVID-19 Update

    Governor Extends State Disaster Declaration: On September 7, Greg Abbott extended the state disaster declaration in order to continue using state emergency funds for COVID-19 relief. Abbott asks all Texans “to take precautionary steps to protect [public] health by wearing a mask, social distancing, and sanitizing their hands.” School Bus Hot Spots: AISD is expanding the […]

  • News and EventsSep 05, 2020

    Music Video Premiere: “Buried in the Sand” by Sheverb

    This past February, Sheverb set out to do something extraordinary. For one month, the tribe dropped out of the daily grind in Austin, TX to live together in Bombay Beach, a semi-abandoned seaside resort town in the Southern California desert. Once there, they built a pop-up studio in an old barn, wrote a full-length album, […]

  • News and EventsSep 04, 2020

    In Touch Interviews: Austin LGBTQ Organizations

    LezBInTouch A celebration of Dykes by people who love Dykes. Founders Beth Schindler, Lex Vaughn, and Anita Obasi talk about the Instagram account, Dykes You Should Know, they started to celebrate amazing Dykes, whether they’re famous the world over or famous among their friends, families, and communities. Contributors with or without digital media skills can […]

  • News and EventsAug 31, 2020

    Sheverb on Darkside Daddy + Music Video Premiere – Saturday, September 5

    Darkside Daddy welcomes Sheverb to the program Saturday afternoon followed by the premiere of the music video for “Buried in the Sand” back here on koop.org

  • News and EventsAug 31, 2020

    COVID-19 Update

    A new federal policy for Lost Wage Assistance provides $300 weekly in addition to regular unemployment benefits. To qualify, recipients must receive at least $100 in regular unemployment benefits per week. Future funding may be available, but the program currently extends through August. If you have unemployment benefits questions, use the chat function on the […]

  • News and EventsAug 26, 2020

    DJ Lippy Livestream – Thursday, August 27 @ 7 PM

    KOOP DJ Night returns in virtual form with DJ Lippy of Free Samples! Tune in to our home page at 7 PM on Thursday for a live all-vinyl set of hip-hop, funk, soul & more. Artwork by Sean Redmond