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On air since 1996, Youth Spin brings varied perspectives of Austin youth through commentaries, interviews, music and more. The collective have been recognized nationally by the National Federation of Broadcasters as a model for youth radio programs. Youth Spin also participates in PRX, the Public Radio Exchange, where their pieces have been featured and boadcast nationally.

Youth Spin's membership is open to Austin-area high schoolers. For more information about joining, contact the show's coordinators (remove the _at_ and replace with @ to successfully send your message).

Learn more about Youth Spin - on their WebsiteFacebook pagePRX page, or by following their Twitter feed.

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Youth Spin

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Jessie Ware

Wildest Moments


Fri, 5/2/14 - 6:47 pm Album | Track

Pheobe Snow

Inspired Insanity

Second Childhood

Fri, 5/2/14 - 6:33 pm Album | Track

Alice Smith



Fri, 5/2/14 - 6:31 pm Album | Track


I Decided


Fri, 5/2/14 - 6:25 pm Album | Track

Booker T and The MG's

Green Onions

Green Onions

Fri, 5/2/14 - 6:22 pm Album | Track

Lenny Kravitz

Freedom Train

Let Love Rule

Fri, 5/2/14 - 6:08 pm Album | Track

The Ramones

Blitzkrieg Bop

The Ramones

Fri, 5/2/14 - 6:05 pm Album | Track


Lights Out


Fri, 5/2/14 - 6:03 pm Album | Track

The books

Enjoy Your Worries, You My Never Have Them Again

Lemon of Pink

Fri, 4/25/14 - 6:54 pm Album | Track


We've been talking

We've been talking

Fri, 4/25/14 - 6:49 pm Album | Track

Thin Lizzy

Cowboy Song


Fri, 4/25/14 - 6:37 pm Album | Track

Dios Trio

High on bikes

Fri, 4/25/14 - 6:34 pm Album | Track


Stuck on you


Fri, 4/25/14 - 6:25 pm Album | Track


Strobes pt. 2

Blue Shift

Fri, 4/25/14 - 6:23 pm Album | Track

The Seatbelts

What planet is this

Cowboy Bebop Future Blues

Fri, 4/25/14 - 6:15 pm Album | Track

Feed me jack



Fri, 4/25/14 - 6:13 pm Album | Track

Ghosts & Vodka

Stoli on the rocks

Addicts and Drunks

Fri, 4/25/14 - 6:07 pm Album | Track

the promise ring

Red and blue jeans

Nothing feels Good

Fri, 4/25/14 - 6:04 pm Album | Track


How Cella got his groove back

Party Mathmatics

Fri, 4/25/14 - 6:02 pm Album | Track

Midnight Juggernauts

Ballad of the War Machine

Uncanny Valley

Fri, 4/18/14 - 7:01 pm Album | Track


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