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On air since 1996, Youth Spin brings varied perspectives of Austin youth through commentaries, interviews, music and more. The collective have been recognized nationally by the National Federation of Broadcasters as a model for youth radio programs. Youth Spin also participates in PRX, the Public Radio Exchange, where their pieces have been featured and boadcast nationally.

Youth Spin's membership is open to Austin-area high schoolers. For more information about joining, contact the show's coordinators (remove the _at_ and replace with @ to successfully send your message).

Learn more about Youth Spin - on their WebsiteFacebook pagePRX page, or by following their Twitter feed.

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Youth Spin

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A Real Hero

Drive OST

Fri, 6/23/17 - 11:17 pm Album | Track


More Than a Woman

Ultimate Aaliyah

Fri, 6/23/17 - 11:08 pm Album | Track

TV on the Radio

Staring at the Sun

Young Liars

Fri, 6/23/17 - 11:05 pm Album | Track

Hop Along

The Knock

Painted Shut

Fri, 6/23/17 - 11:02 pm Album | Track


Mogwai Fear Satan

Young Team

Fri, 6/16/17 - 11:53 pm Album | Track

Alice in Chains



Fri, 6/16/17 - 11:50 pm Album | Track


Where Is My Mind?

Surfer Rosa

Fri, 6/16/17 - 11:44 pm Album | Track

Talking Heads

Once in a Lifetime

Remain in Light

Fri, 6/16/17 - 11:39 pm Album | Track


The Rip


Fri, 6/16/17 - 11:35 pm Album | Track

Kate Bush

The Big Sky (Special Single Mix)

Hounds of Love

Fri, 6/16/17 - 11:30 pm Album | Track

Queens of the Stone Age

I Think I Lost My Headache

Rated R

Fri, 6/16/17 - 11:22 pm Album | Track


War on War

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Fri, 6/16/17 - 11:18 pm Album | Track

Lucinda Williams

Right in Time

Car Wheels on a Gravel Road

Fri, 6/16/17 - 11:14 pm Album | Track

Daft Punk

Face to Face


Fri, 6/16/17 - 11:09 pm Album | Track

LCD Soundsystem

Get Innocuous!

Sound of Silver

Fri, 6/16/17 - 11:03 pm Album | Track


Where the Streets Have No Name

The Joshua Tree

Fri, 6/9/17 - 11:56 pm Album | Track

Elton John

Love Song

Tumbleweed Connection

Fri, 6/9/17 - 11:52 pm Album | Track

Beastie Boys


Check Your Head

Fri, 6/9/17 - 11:48 pm Album | Track

Twin Forks

Cross My Mind

Twin Forks

Fri, 6/9/17 - 11:45 pm Album | Track

Pharrell Williams



Fri, 6/9/17 - 11:32 pm Album | Track


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