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On air since 1996, Youth Spin brings varied perspectives of Austin youth through commentaries, interviews, music and more. The collective have been recognized nationally by the National Federation of Broadcasters as a model for youth radio programs. Youth Spin also participates in PRX, the Public Radio Exchange, where their pieces have been featured and boadcast nationally.

Youth Spin's membership is open to Austin-area high schoolers. For more information about joining, contact the show's coordinators (remove the _at_ and replace with @ to successfully send your message).

Learn more about Youth Spin - on their WebsiteFacebook pagePRX page, or by following their Twitter feed.

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Youth Spin

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Brian Eno

St. Elmo's Fire

Another Green World

Sat, 12/23/17 - 12:18 am Album | Track

Vince Guaraldi Trio


A Charlie Brown Christmas

Sat, 12/23/17 - 12:16 am Album | Track


Christmas in Hollis

Tougher Than Leather

Sat, 12/23/17 - 12:09 am Album | Track

Beach House


Teen Dream

Sat, 12/23/17 - 12:06 am Album | Track


In Undertow


Sat, 12/23/17 - 12:01 am Album | Track

patti smith

Sat, 12/9/17 - 12:53 am Album | Track

grupo badd

cuatro vidas

tex mex gold

Sat, 12/9/17 - 12:51 am Album | Track

Dwight Yoakam

late great golden state

21st Century Hits

Sat, 12/9/17 - 12:47 am Album | Track

dale watson

cowboy boots

el rancho azul

Sat, 12/9/17 - 12:34 am Album | Track


Rock and Roll High School

greatest hits

Sat, 12/9/17 - 12:33 am Album | Track

Dwight Yoakam

Close Up the Honky Tonks

21st Century Hits

Sat, 12/9/17 - 12:26 am Album | Track

patti smith

up there down there

outside society

Sat, 12/9/17 - 12:21 am Album | Track

linda escabar

el gambler

tex mex gold

Sat, 12/9/17 - 12:12 am Album | Track

dale watson

i lie when i drink

el rancho azul

Sat, 12/9/17 - 12:08 am Album | Track


Blitzkreig Bop

greatest hits

Sat, 12/9/17 - 12:06 am Album | Track

Aphex Twin

Alberto Balsam

...I Care Because You Do

Sat, 12/2/17 - 12:59 am Album | Track

Neon Indian

Polish Girl

Era Extrana

Sat, 12/2/17 - 12:51 am Album | Track



Fear and Desire

Sat, 12/2/17 - 12:46 am Album | Track

Natalia Lafourcade

Hasta la Raiz

Hasta la Raiz

Sat, 12/2/17 - 12:39 am Album | Track


The Look

The English Riviera

Sat, 12/2/17 - 12:32 am Album | Track


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