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Soul Vaccination features Soul, R & B, and Funk music. Host Magic ELJ takes you on a musical journey that entertains, enlightens and educates you about music with rhythm, melody, harmony, soulful vocals, and adroit musicianship.

You can e-mail Magic at [email protected] or visit the Soul Vaccination Facebook page here -


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Soul Vaccination

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Alex Bugnon

Oliloqui Valley

Going Home

Mon, 12/11/17 - 10:59 pm Album | Track


She's Gone

Hard Core Poetry

Mon, 12/11/17 - 10:54 pm Album | Track

Annie Lennox

Train In Vain


Mon, 12/11/17 - 10:49 pm Album | Track

Chocolate Milk

Tin Man

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Mon, 12/11/17 - 10:46 pm Album | Track

Bona Fide

Natty Boh

Royal Function

Mon, 12/11/17 - 10:45 pm Album | Track

CeCe Peniston

Keep On Walkin'


Mon, 12/11/17 - 10:41 pm Album | Track

Busta Funk

Run Baby Run

Busta Funk

Mon, 12/11/17 - 10:37 pm Album | Track

Big Boss Man

Big Boss Buddha


Mon, 12/11/17 - 10:33 pm Album | Track

Tower of Power

Soul Vaccination

Soul Vaccination Live

Mon, 12/11/17 - 10:32 pm Album | Track

Billy Preston

Outta Space

I Wrote a Simple Song

Mon, 12/4/17 - 11:57 pm Album | Track

Aretha Franklin

You're All I Need To Get By

Aretha's Greatest Hits

Mon, 12/4/17 - 11:53 pm Album | Track

James Brown

You Can't Keep a Good Man Down

Bring it on

Mon, 12/4/17 - 11:49 pm Album | Track

Tomar and the FCs

Do You Feel It

Heart Attack

Mon, 12/4/17 - 11:46 pm Album | Track

Marcus Miller

Red Baron


Mon, 12/4/17 - 11:45 pm Album | Track

Tomar and the FCs

You're Not Alone

Heart Attack

Mon, 12/4/17 - 11:41 pm Album | Track

Hannah Williams & the Tastemakers

Work It Out

A Hill of Feathers

Mon, 12/4/17 - 11:37 pm Album | Track


I Can't Make U Love Me


Mon, 12/4/17 - 11:30 pm Album | Track

Chris Standring

Do What You Do


Mon, 12/4/17 - 11:27 pm Album | Track

Cool Million feat. Kiki Kyte

Good Time

Sumthin' Like This

Mon, 12/4/17 - 11:21 pm Album | Track

Edwin Starr

All Around the World

War and Peace

Mon, 12/4/17 - 11:18 pm Album | Track


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