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A high-octane guitar-oriented rock/metal/punk show to fuel inject those dangerous mid-week doldrums. You can check out Rock N Roll Pest Control on Facebook....just search for Rock N Roll Pest Control, look for the picture of Lemmy, and there ya go!

email: [email protected]

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Rock N' Roll Pest Control

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

venomous maximus

hell's heroes

beg upon the light

Wed, 8/20/14 - 3:07 pm Album | Track



rock n roll

Wed, 8/20/14 - 3:03 pm Album | Track

young fresh fellows

rock n roll pest control

fabulous sounds of the pacific northwest

Wed, 8/20/14 - 3:02 pm Album | Track


rock n roll high school

rock n roll high school

Wed, 8/20/14 - 3:01 pm Album | Track

the arrows

i love rock n roll

singles collection plus

Wed, 8/20/14 - 3:00 pm Album | Track


space invader


Wed, 7/30/14 - 4:30 pm Album | Track


don't hold back

fire down under

Wed, 7/30/14 - 4:27 pm Album | Track

the damned

sick of being sick

damned box set

Wed, 7/30/14 - 4:24 pm Album | Track

the innocent

wanna get around

back seat love vol 1

Wed, 7/30/14 - 4:21 pm Album | Track

hanoi rocks

problem child

self destruction blues

Wed, 7/30/14 - 4:18 pm Album | Track

electric flag

flash bam pow

the trip soundtrack

Wed, 7/30/14 - 4:15 pm Album | Track


dog eat dog

let there be rock

Wed, 7/30/14 - 4:12 pm Album | Track

e.f. band

fight for your life

their finest hour

Wed, 7/30/14 - 4:09 pm Album | Track

the brought low

tell me

right on time

Wed, 7/30/14 - 4:06 pm Album | Track

james gang

funk #49

rides again

Wed, 7/30/14 - 4:03 pm Album | Track

cheap trick

oh boy instr.

in color

Wed, 7/30/14 - 4:00 pm Album | Track

valient thorr

i hope the ghosts of death haunt yr soul forever


Wed, 7/30/14 - 3:56 pm Album | Track

danko jones

i love living in the city

we sweat blood

Wed, 7/30/14 - 3:53 pm Album | Track

abramis brama

smakar sondag

smakar sondag

Wed, 7/30/14 - 3:50 pm Album | Track

michael schenker group

armed and ready

self titled

Wed, 7/30/14 - 3:46 pm Album | Track