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Reflections Of Community Outreach, ROCO, is an award-winning News and Public Affairs program created and sponsored by the KOOP Community Council to give voice to non-profits that are KOOP Community Organization Members and other local individuals and organizations who are doing good in our community.  ROCO is a Community Outreach effort offering informative dialogue with local organizations working to make a difference especially within the underserved community.  This faithfully follows KOOP’s mission statement as a community radio station and KOOP’s Community Council’s specific role to reach out into the community.  The program is currently administered, produced and hosted by a Collective who rotate each week to bring as many perspectives to the shows in an attempt to reach the widest range of listeners.

The Collective is currently made up of six members:

Pedro Gatos - Collective founding member, Programmer of Record and Community Council Chair.

Quinten Rhea - 1st Mondays of the Month

Michael A. Brown - 2nd Mondays of the Month

April Sullivan - 3rd Mondays of the Month

Gilka Cespedes - 4th Mondays of the Month

Bob Dailey- 5th Mondays of the Month

Undercover Greg - ROCO Liaison to the Community Council

They can be contacted at [email protected].

During the year ROCO presents special Celebration Event shows as part of the Community Council's efforts to promote Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity.  Recognizing these events evidences KOOP’s commitment to cultural sensitivity, diversity, and inclusion, as well promoting an appreciation of significant historical events and their local connections.  The 2017 Celebration Events follow, including the name of the Community Council Liaison responsible for facilitating each Event:


15th - Martin Luther King Jr. - Roscoe Overton


12th - World Radio Day - Steven Polunsky

26th - Lunar New Year (aka Asian Lunar New Year, aka Chinese New Year, first day of the first lunar month of  Lunar Calendar) - Alan Pogue


12th - International Women’s Day - Gilka Cespedes


23rd - Earth Day - Shane Ford


7th - May Day/Cinco de Mayo - Brian Griffith


18th - Juneteenth - Pedro Gatos


2nd - Stonewall & LGBT Rights - Bob Dailey

23rd - Americans with Disabilities Act - April Sullivan


Open for your suggestions!


17th - Diez y Seis - Susan Slattery


Open for your suggestions!

29th - Indian Pow Wow - Anya Dishon


Open for your suggestions!


Normal rotation


The Liaisons can be contacted at [email protected].

ROCO also schedules quarterly programs, through a joint venture with RecognizeGood, featuring guests whom they have vetted and recognized for their significant contributions to the community.  Otherwise topic selection, securing guests and production are left to the responsible Collective member.  For instance Michael A. Brown, after producing a month-long series on Veterans’ issues, has designated his 2nd Monday programs “Boots On the Air” throughout the year.  

All KOOP Volunteers, Programmers and listeners are welcome to suggest a guest or topic and Co-Host ROCO as part of our diversity goal.  ROCO is a show for and by the community we serve and through the largess of KOOP’s Programming Committee is empowered to include this extraordinary participation from the community.  KOOP continuously seeks and accepts input for regularly scheduled shows, special topic series and Celebration Events.  

Information regarding music played, topics covered, guests who have appeared, links and contact information can be found on the “Playlists” and “Blogs” tabs on this page.

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