Boots on the Air - October 9, 2017

Boots on the Air - October 9, 2017


Monday, October 9 show: hosted by Michael A. Brown, Perry Jefferies, and Greg Ciotti.

Topic: “Veterans Financial and Legal Services” … all about what’s available from the City of Austin, local organizations, and non-profit businesses to guide and assist vets with their money and law-related matters.

Veterans’ news reported by Michael A. Brown

In-studio guests

        Allen Bergeron, City of Austin Veterans Programs Administrator ([email protected])

        Rush Evans, Texas Veterans Legal Assistance Project  ([email protected])

        Gary Lindner, CEO of PeopleFund ([email protected])

        Lek Mateo, City of Austin Pubic Works Dept.  

If you have topic and/or guest suggestions, please get in touch with Michael A. Brown, Greg Ciotti, or April Sullivan at KOOP Radio. Thank you for listening and for supporting our military veterans!