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Classic Rock from an alternate universe, where down is up, black is white and Hawkwind was more popular than the Bee Gees. Rock,Punk, Metal, Garage,Psych,power pop and post punk that should have been huge but wasn’t spanning 1964-2004.Featuring The Ramones song of the week every week at 4 PM.

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The Radio Still Screams

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Black Sabbath


Born Again

Mon, 10/16/17 - 9:20 pm Album | Track

The Fuzztones

Be Forwarned

Salt For Zombies

Mon, 10/16/17 - 9:16 pm Album | Track


Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy

Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo

Mon, 10/16/17 - 9:09 pm Album | Track

The Angry Samoans


The Unboxed Set

Mon, 10/16/17 - 9:07 pm Album | Track

The Dils

It's Not Worth It

Dils Dils Dils

Mon, 10/16/17 - 9:04 pm Album | Track

The Ramones

What's Your Game?

Leave Home

Mon, 10/16/17 - 9:02 pm Album | Track

Down By Law


The World Still Won't Listen

Mon, 10/16/17 - 8:56 pm Album | Track


Beach Blanket Bongout

We Know You Suck

Mon, 10/16/17 - 8:53 pm Album | Track

The Parasites

I Don't Wanna Go Out With You


Mon, 10/16/17 - 8:51 pm Album | Track

Reagan Youth

Are You Happy?

A Collection Of Pop Classics

Mon, 10/16/17 - 8:50 pm Album | Track

Dayglo Abortions

I Am my Own God

Feed Us A Fetus

Mon, 10/16/17 - 8:48 pm Album | Track

Channel 3

Waiting in The Wings

I've Got A Gun/After The Light Go Out

Mon, 10/16/17 - 8:46 pm Album | Track

The Groovie Ghoulies

When The Kids Go Go Crazy

World Contact Day

Mon, 10/16/17 - 8:44 pm Album | Track


Let's Have A War (Demo)

Paradise Studios Sessions Vol !

Mon, 10/16/17 - 8:41 pm Album | Track

The Adicts


Songs of Praise

Mon, 10/16/17 - 8:39 pm Album | Track

The Damned

Fun Factory

Fun Factory

Mon, 10/16/17 - 8:32 pm Album | Track

Brian Eno

Baby's on Fire

Here Come the Warm Jets

Mon, 10/16/17 - 8:27 pm Album | Track

Talking Heads

Life During Wartime (Alternate Version)

Fear of Music

Mon, 10/16/17 - 8:23 pm Album | Track

King Crimson

21st Century Schizoid Man including Mirrors

In The Court Of The Crimson King

Mon, 10/16/17 - 8:14 pm Album | Track



Songs Of Reverie & Ruin

Mon, 10/16/17 - 8:08 pm Album | Track