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Classic Rock from an alternate universe, where down is up, black is white and Hawkwind was more popular than the Bee Gees. Rock,Punk, Metal, Garage,Psych,power pop and post punk that should have been huge but wasn’t spanning 1964-2004.Featuring The Ramones song of the week every week at 4 PM.

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The Radio Still Screams

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Doyle II:As We Die

Mon, 6/5/17 - 9:14 pm Album | Track

The Misfits

Queen Wasp

Earth A.D.

Mon, 6/5/17 - 9:10 pm Album | Track



The Sound Of A New World Being Born

Mon, 6/5/17 - 9:08 pm Album | Track

Youth Brigade (socal)

Did You Wanna Die

Sink With Kalifornija

Mon, 6/5/17 - 9:06 pm Album | Track

The Ramones

Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (Mono)

Ramones 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Mon, 6/5/17 - 9:04 pm Album | Track

Stiv Bator

You Must Be A Witch

Last Race

Mon, 6/5/17 - 8:58 pm Album | Track

Stiv Bators

Not That Way Anymore

L.A. Confidential

Mon, 6/5/17 - 8:55 pm Album | Track

The Dead Boys

Flame Thrower Love

3rd Generation Nation

Mon, 6/5/17 - 8:53 pm Album | Track

The Dead Boys

Ain't Nothing to Do

Young, Loud, and Snotty

Mon, 6/5/17 - 8:51 pm Album | Track

Radio Birdman

Aloha Steve and Danno

Do The Pop

Mon, 6/5/17 - 8:44 pm Album | Track

Rocket From the Tombs


The Day The Earth met The Rocket From The Tombs

Mon, 6/5/17 - 8:41 pm Album | Track

The Reigning Sound

Brown Paper Bag

Time Bomb High School

Mon, 6/5/17 - 8:39 pm Album | Track

The Troggs


Singles A's & B's

Mon, 6/5/17 - 8:37 pm Album | Track

Queens of the Stone Age


Queens of the Stone Age

Mon, 6/5/17 - 8:33 pm Album | Track

The Velvet Underground

Rock & Roll

Loaded: Fully Loaded Edition

Mon, 6/5/17 - 8:26 pm Album | Track

Exploding White Mice

Burning Red

Do The Pop

Mon, 6/5/17 - 8:23 pm Album | Track


Richard III

Supergrass is 10

Mon, 6/5/17 - 8:20 pm Album | Track

Deep Purple

Sail Away


Mon, 6/5/17 - 8:14 pm Album | Track


Hop Skip And Jump

Cool for Cats

Mon, 6/5/17 - 8:09 pm Album | Track

The Dwarves

Anybody Out There

Thank Heaven For Little Girls/Sugarfix

Mon, 6/5/17 - 8:06 pm Album | Track