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Classic Rock from an alternate universe, where down is up, black is white and Hawkwind was more popular than the Bee Gees. Rock,Punk, Metal, Garage,Psych,power pop and post punk that should have been huge but wasn’t spanning 1964-2004.Featuring The Ramones song of the week every week at 4 PM.

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The Radio Still Screams

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Her Name Was Jane

Cleveland Confidential

Mon, 1/15/18 - 9:24 pm Album | Track

The Dark (Cleveland)

Fire In The Church

Scream Until We Die

Mon, 1/15/18 - 9:22 pm Album | Track

Black Death

Night Of The Living Death

Black Death

Mon, 1/15/18 - 9:18 pm Album | Track


We Become One


Mon, 1/15/18 - 9:10 pm Album | Track


Over The Top

Bomber (Deluxe)

Mon, 1/15/18 - 9:07 pm Album | Track


(I Won't) Pay Your Price


Mon, 1/15/18 - 9:04 pm Album | Track


White Line Fever (Stiff Single Version)

Stone Deaf Forever

Mon, 1/15/18 - 9:01 pm Album | Track

Lydia Lunch

Done Dun

Honeymoon In Red

Mon, 1/8/18 - 10:26 pm Album | Track

The Beasts Of Bourbon

Drop Out

The Axeman's Jazz

Mon, 1/8/18 - 10:21 pm Album | Track

Jello Biafra & D.O.A.

We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place

The Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors

Mon, 1/8/18 - 10:16 pm Album | Track

Concrete Blonde

The Sky Is A Poisonous Garden


Mon, 1/8/18 - 10:14 pm Album | Track


By Her Own Hand


Mon, 1/8/18 - 10:09 pm Album | Track

Husker Du

Private Hell

Savage Young Du

Mon, 1/8/18 - 10:06 pm Album | Track

The Dead Boys

High Tension Wire

Young, Loud, and Snotty

Mon, 1/8/18 - 10:03 pm Album | Track

The Ramones

I Don't Care

Rocket To Russia

Mon, 1/8/18 - 10:01 pm Album | Track

Cargo Cult


Strange Men Bearing Gifts

Mon, 1/8/18 - 9:56 pm Album | Track

The Small Faces

Don't Burst My Bubble

The Small Faces (Immediate)

Mon, 1/8/18 - 9:53 pm Album | Track

The Jam

Art School

In The City

Mon, 1/8/18 - 9:50 pm Album | Track


Angel And Devil

The People's Choice

Mon, 1/8/18 - 9:47 pm Album | Track


Cursed Boy


Mon, 1/8/18 - 9:43 pm Album | Track