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OutCast is a public affairs radio program by, for and about the LGBT community of Austin. We’ll be talking to (and about!) Austin’s most intriguing people and issues...the queer culture that makes Austin unique. Listen for interviews, news and events of interest to the LGBT Community and our allies. The mission of OutCast is to provide a resource for LGBT Austin, building community through a weekly forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

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Jayne County

I'm in Love With Dusty Springfield


Tue, 3/25/14 - 6:39 pm Album | Track

Dusty Springfield

Love Power

Dusty in London

Tue, 3/25/14 - 6:37 pm Album | Track

The Feminine Complex

I Don't Want Another Man

Livin' Love

Tue, 3/25/14 - 6:34 pm Album | Track

Liz Phair

Turning Japanese


Tue, 3/25/14 - 6:28 pm Album | Track


Some Kind of Wonderful

The L Word (Second Season)

Tue, 3/25/14 - 6:23 pm Album | Track

Indigo Girls

Hammer and a Nail

Nomads, Indians, Saints

Tue, 3/25/14 - 6:19 pm Album | Track

Lisa Loeb

The Worst

No Fairy Tale

Tue, 3/25/14 - 6:17 pm Album | Track


Ball and Chain

Who's Your Momma

Tue, 3/25/14 - 6:11 pm Album | Track

Luscious Jackson

Naked Eye

Fever In, Fever Out

Tue, 3/25/14 - 6:06 pm Album | Track


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