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The Graveside Service is the show about dead celebrities! Each Saturday morning from 9-10am, your host Mr. Harris marks the death anniversaries of musicians, actors, authors, politicians and celebrities of every sort and ilk with music, information and good ol' fashioned fun. You may email the Graveside Service at [email protected].

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Graveside Service

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

The Replacements

Alex Chilton

Pleased to Meet Me

Sat, 5/13/17 - 2:55 pm Album | Track

Big Star

When My Baby's Beside Me

#1 Record

Sat, 5/13/17 - 2:48 pm Album | Track

Rufus Thomas

Funkiest Man Alive

Crown Prince of Dance

Sat, 5/13/17 - 2:43 pm Album | Track

Rufus Thomas

Walking the Dog

Walking the Dog

Sat, 5/13/17 - 2:38 pm Album | Track

Earth Wind and F


That's the Way of the World

Sat, 5/13/17 - 2:33 pm Album | Track

Earth Wind and Fite

That's the Way of the World

That's the Way of the World

Sat, 5/13/17 - 2:30 pm Album | Track

Willie Mitchell


Solid Soul

Sat, 5/13/17 - 2:25 pm Album | Track

Otis Redding

Try a Little Tenderness

Complete and Unbelieveable

Sat, 5/13/17 - 2:20 pm Album | Track

Chuck Berry

Memphis Tennessee

Chess Box

Sat, 5/13/17 - 2:15 pm Album | Track

Roy Orbison

I LIke Love


Sat, 5/13/17 - 2:09 pm Album | Track

Johnny Ace

Pledging my Love

Johnny Ace

Sat, 5/13/17 - 2:04 pm Album | Track

Paul Simon



Sat, 5/13/17 - 2:00 pm Album | Track


Three Chains of Gold


Sat, 4/22/17 - 2:54 pm Album | Track

Glenn Campbell

the Impossible Dream

Rhineston Cowboy

Sat, 4/22/17 - 2:48 pm Album | Track

Earl Hines

Black and Tan Fantasy

Once pon a Time

Sat, 4/22/17 - 2:40 pm Album | Track

Frankie Laine

Hey Joe

Hey Joe

Sat, 4/22/17 - 2:32 pm Album | Track

Rose Maddox

Rocky Top

Rose of the west Coast

Sat, 4/22/17 - 2:28 pm Album | Track

Damita Jo

bye Bye Love

This is Damita Jo

Sat, 4/22/17 - 2:24 pm Album | Track

Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald



Sat, 4/22/17 - 2:20 pm Album | Track

Charles Mingus



Sat, 4/22/17 - 2:16 pm Album | Track


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