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Host Emeritus: Giless the Avante Gardner

Fresh from the Underground explores local and international underground music in any size, shape or form.

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Fresh from the Underground

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Mark McGuire

The Lonelier Way

Along the Way

Sun, 2/23/14 - 5:07 pm Album | Track

Ashley Paul

Wide Expanse

Line The Clouds

Sun, 2/23/14 - 5:02 pm Album | Track




Sun, 2/23/14 - 4:52 pm Album | Track

Mammane Sani

Bodo (81)

Et Son Orgue

Sun, 2/23/14 - 4:48 pm Album | Track

Dwight Sykes

In the Life Zone

Songs Volume 1

Sun, 2/23/14 - 4:38 pm Album | Track

Gunn Gangloff

Worry Past Worry

Melodies for a Savage Fix

Sun, 2/23/14 - 4:34 pm Album | Track