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Host Emeritus: Giless the Avante Gardner

Fresh from the Underground explores local and international underground music in any size, shape or form.

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Fresh from the Underground

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Forming the Void



Sat, 8/12/17 - 10:40 pm Album | Track

Kikagaku Moyo


Stone Garden

Sat, 8/12/17 - 10:35 pm Album | Track

Ant Grallen

Innate Matter Odyssey


Sat, 8/12/17 - 10:30 pm Album | Track

The Comet Is Coming

Final Eclipse

Death to the Planet

Sat, 8/12/17 - 10:23 pm Album | Track

Melt Yourself Down

Dot to Dot

Last Evenings on Earth

Sat, 8/12/17 - 10:19 pm Album | Track

Here Lies Man

Belt of the Sun

Here Lies Man

Sat, 8/12/17 - 10:15 pm Album | Track

Here Lies Man

So Far Away

Here Lies Man

Sat, 8/12/17 - 10:12 pm Album | Track

Jason Simon

Now I'm Telling You

Familiar Haunts

Sat, 8/12/17 - 10:08 pm Album | Track

D.D. Dumbo


Utopia Defeated

Sat, 8/12/17 - 10:03 pm Album | Track


First Friend

Mythic Tales of Tomorrow 2

Sat, 8/12/17 - 10:01 pm Album | Track


Press Start

Mythic Tales of Tomorrow 2

Sat, 8/12/17 - 10:00 pm Album | Track

US Weekly

No Attitude

US Weekly

Sat, 7/29/17 - 10:58 pm Album | Track

Sharaf Band

My Life is Full of Tribulations

Sweet as Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes From the Horn of Africa

Sat, 7/29/17 - 10:53 pm Album | Track

Dream Stars

Pop Makossa Invasion

Pop Makossa: The Invasive Dance Beat of Cameroon 1976-1984

Sat, 7/29/17 - 10:47 pm Album | Track

Keiji Haino

Though I Want to Laugh

Watashi Dake?

Sat, 7/29/17 - 10:41 pm Album | Track

Psychic TV

Being Lost

Allegory & Self

Sat, 7/29/17 - 10:37 pm Album | Track

Psychic TV


A Pagan Day (Pages From A Notebook)

Sat, 7/29/17 - 10:33 pm Album | Track

Bedwetter (Lil Ugly Mane)


Volume 1: Flick Your Tongue Against Your Teeth and Describe the Present

Sat, 7/29/17 - 10:27 pm Album | Track

Expressway Yo-yo Dieting

Blank Ink

Undone Harmony Following

Sat, 7/29/17 - 10:23 pm Album | Track

African Head Charge

Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path

Sat, 7/29/17 - 10:18 pm Album | Track