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Host Emeritus: Giless the Avante Gardner

Fresh from the Underground explores local and international underground music in any size, shape or form.

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Fresh from the Underground

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

A Place to Bury Strangers

Cool Sensations

Kicking Out Jams

Sat, 6/3/17 - 10:21 pm Album | Track

A Place to Bury Strangers

Oh No

Kicking Out Jams

Sat, 6/3/17 - 10:20 pm Album | Track



Primitive Painters single

Sat, 6/3/17 - 10:11 pm Album | Track

Harold Budd & Cocteau Twins

Sea, Swallow Me

The Moon and the Melodies

Sat, 6/3/17 - 10:08 pm Album | Track


Falling Down


Sat, 6/3/17 - 10:04 pm Album | Track

The Telescopes



Sat, 6/3/17 - 10:01 pm Album | Track

The Cosmic Dead

Nuraghe (Excerpt)

Psych is Dead

Sat, 5/27/17 - 10:50 pm Album | Track

Lieven Martens Moana

A Transcript from Ambae Isle - Scherzo II


Sat, 5/27/17 - 10:45 pm Album | Track

Joey Argesta

More Than You Know

Let's Not Talk About Music

Sat, 5/27/17 - 10:42 pm Album | Track

Joe Mygan

Compound Eye/Umbra (Excerpt)

Hidden Features

Sat, 5/27/17 - 10:39 pm Album | Track

Black Cube Marriage

Magic Sun Ray

Astral Cube

Sat, 5/27/17 - 10:34 pm Album | Track

Casual Nun

Xiphoid Revolution

Psychometric Testing By...

Sat, 5/27/17 - 10:21 pm Album | Track

Jack Martin (Mixtape Creator)

Side A (Excerpt)


Sat, 5/27/17 - 10:17 pm Album | Track

Patrick Conrad

Side A (Excerpt)

Gelukkig Als In Het Bijzijn Van Een Vrouw

Sat, 5/27/17 - 10:11 pm Album | Track

Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting

Vortex of Affluence

Undone Harmony Following

Sat, 5/27/17 - 10:08 pm Album | Track

Thanh Lan

Tinh Dem Lien Hoan

Saigon Supersound Vol. 1

Sat, 5/27/17 - 10:03 pm Album | Track

Brian Eno

Energy Fools the Magician

Before and After Science

Sat, 5/27/17 - 10:01 pm Album | Track


Little Pig

Scarlett's Scared

Sat, 5/20/17 - 10:56 pm Album | Track

Midori Takada


Through the Looking Glass

Sat, 5/20/17 - 10:50 pm Album | Track

Touch of Poison



Sat, 5/20/17 - 10:47 pm Album | Track