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Bringing in rare music from their personal collections, Country Roots takes listeners back in time with vintage music, presenting sounds and artists that aren't heard anywhere else on the radio dial. You'll hear the country pioneers from the past, right up to some of the local artists of today who are keeping the traditional sound alive.


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Country Roots

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Mac Weisman

Johnny's Cash & Charlie's Pride

A Girl Named Johnny Cash

Fri, 10/13/17 - 2:34 pm Album | Track

Charlie Rich

Gentleman Jim

A Girl Named Johnny Cash

Fri, 10/13/17 - 2:31 pm Album | Track

George Jones

Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes

Spirit of Country - Vol:2

Fri, 10/13/17 - 2:25 pm Album | Track

Don Walser

Buck & Merle

I'll Hold You In My Heart

Fri, 10/13/17 - 2:22 pm Album | Track

Tex Ritter

I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven

Collectors Series

Fri, 10/13/17 - 2:19 pm Album | Track

Lou Monte

Elvis Presley For President

A Song For The King

Fri, 10/13/17 - 2:16 pm Album | Track

Alvin Crow

Turkey Texas

Texas Classic

Fri, 10/13/17 - 2:11 pm Album | Track

Johnny Cash

Who's Gene Autry

I Would Like To See You Again

Fri, 10/13/17 - 2:07 pm Album | Track

Marvin O'Dell & Journey West

Where Would You Be Without The Pioneers

Silver Screen Cowboy Project

Fri, 10/13/17 - 2:05 pm Album | Track

Merle Haggard

Goodbye Lefty

A Girl Named Johnny Cash

Fri, 10/13/17 - 2:02 pm Album | Track

Merle Travis & Hank Thompson

Wildwood Flower

50's Country Hits

Fri, 10/13/17 - 2:01 pm Album | Track

Duane Eddy

Crazy Arms

Duane Eddy Anthology

Fri, 10/6/17 - 3:57 pm Album | Track

Billy Mata


Made In Texas

Fri, 10/6/17 - 3:54 pm Album | Track

Delbert McClinton

Lone Star Blues

Room to Breathe

Fri, 10/6/17 - 3:51 pm Album | Track

Ray Price

I'll Sail My Ship Aone

The Grand Old Opry Archives

Fri, 10/6/17 - 3:48 pm Album | Track

Guy Mitchell

My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You

Sunshine Guitar

Fri, 10/6/17 - 3:43 pm Album | Track

Rick Pickrin

Swinging Through The Sagebrush

Pale Moon On The Prairie

Fri, 10/6/17 - 3:39 pm Album | Track

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver

Blue Train

Tribute To John D. Loudermilk

Fri, 10/6/17 - 3:35 pm Album | Track

Alex Williams

Hellbent Hallelujah

Better Than Myself

Fri, 10/6/17 - 3:32 pm Album | Track

Jim Reeves

I Guess I'm Crazy

Country USA 1964

Fri, 10/6/17 - 3:29 pm Album | Track


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