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Bringing in rare music from their personal collections, Country Roots takes listeners back in time with vintage music, presenting sounds and artists that aren't heard anywhere else on the radio dial. You'll hear the country pioneers from the past, right up to some of the local artists of today who are keeping the traditional sound alive.


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Country Roots

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Joni Harms

Two-Steppin' Texas Blue

Cowgirl Dreams

Fri, 3/6/15 - 10:01 pm Album | Track

Hot Texas Swing Band

Somewhere South Of San Antoine

Hot Texas Swing Band

Fri, 3/6/15 - 9:57 pm Album | Track

Johnny Bush

Don't Sing Me No Songs About Texas

Johnny Bush Sings Bob Wills

Fri, 3/6/15 - 9:53 pm Album | Track

george hamilton IV

Fort Worth Dallas Or Houston

To You & Yours Box Set

Fri, 3/6/15 - 9:49 pm Album | Track

Ernest Tubb

Texas Troubadour

Another Story Box Set

Fri, 3/6/15 - 9:45 pm Album | Track

Ernest Tubb

Commercial Affection

Another Story Box Set

Fri, 3/6/15 - 9:41 pm Album | Track

Hank Thompson

There's A Little Bit Of Everything In Texas

Hank Thompson & The Brazos Valley Boys Box Set

Fri, 3/6/15 - 9:35 pm Album | Track

Hank Snow

Texas Silver Zepher

Greetings From Texas

Fri, 3/6/15 - 9:28 pm Album | Track

Roger Bellow

Did The Man In The Moon Come From Texas

On The Road To Prosperity

Fri, 3/6/15 - 9:21 pm Album | Track

Roy Rogers

Yellow Rose of Texas

Greetings From Texas

Fri, 3/6/15 - 9:19 pm Album | Track

Ole Rasmussen

Somewhere In San Antoine

Sleepy Eyed John

Fri, 3/6/15 - 9:14 pm Album | Track

Wesley Tuttle

Rose of The Alamo

Detour Box Set

Fri, 3/6/15 - 9:09 pm Album | Track

Rod Moag & Roy Lee Brown

Eyes of Texas Are Upon You

Salute to Heroes of Western Swing

Fri, 3/6/15 - 9:06 pm Album | Track

Merle Haggard


A Friend In California

Fri, 3/6/15 - 9:03 pm Album | Track

Hank Thompson & Merle Travis

Wildwood Flower

50's Country Hits

Fri, 3/6/15 - 9:01 pm Album | Track

Joni Harms

WestTexas Waltz

After All

Fri, 2/27/15 - 10:52 am Album | Track

Asleep At The Wheel

Way Down Texas Way

Swinging Best of Asleep At The Wheel

Fri, 2/27/15 - 10:46 am Album | Track

David Ball

Texas Echo


Fri, 2/27/15 - 10:41 am Album | Track

Ray Price

Fort Worth Texas


Fri, 2/27/15 - 10:38 am Album | Track

Bobby Bare

Lost In Austin

Hard Time Hungrys

Fri, 2/27/15 - 10:33 am Album | Track


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