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We may fly upside down, but never backwards

Community Pilot Show


The Community Pilot Show is an open format program that airs every Tuesday afternoon at 2:30.

It is: 1) a blank canvas for KOOP’s Programmers to experiment with new show formats and concepts; 2) an on-air slot for KOOP’s Trainees to demonstrate their competencies, and 3) an excellent opportunity for our interested listeners to experience radio.

You never know what you are going to hear so tune in each Tuesday to listen to KOOP’s newest ideas.  Sign up on KOOP.ORG resource menu or contact undercovergreg at to reserve your slot on the new Community Pilot Show.


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The Community Pilot Show

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The Rudy Schwartz Project

Delicious Ass Frenzy

Delicious Ass Frenzy

Tue, 6/20/17 - 7:36 pm Album | Track

That Handsome Devil

Viva Discordia

A City dressed in Dynamite

Tue, 6/20/17 - 7:32 pm Album | Track

Escape Mechanism

Vaya Con dios

Emphasis Added

Tue, 6/20/17 - 7:31 pm Album | Track

Tico and the Triumphs


Tom and Jerry Meet Tico and the Triumphs

Mon, 2/24/14 - 1:28 pm Album | Track


Motorcycle Mama


Mon, 2/24/14 - 1:15 pm Album | Track


Bad Motor Scooter


Mon, 2/24/14 - 1:00 pm Album | Track