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We may fly upside down, but never backwards

Community Pilot Show


The Community Pilot Show is an open format program that airs every Tuesday afternoon at 2:30.

It is: 1) a blank canvas for KOOP’s Programmers to experiment with new show formats and concepts; 2) an on-air slot for KOOP’s Trainees to demonstrate their competencies, and 3) an excellent opportunity for our interested listeners to experience radio.

You never know what you are going to hear so tune in each Tuesday to listen to KOOP’s newest ideas.  Sign up on KOOP.ORG resource menu or contact undercovergreg at to reserve your slot on the new Community Pilot Show.


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The Community Pilot Show

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending


Funiculi funicula

Micky and the Beanstalk

Tue, 7/11/17 - 7:45 pm Album | Track

Barbra Streisand

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf

Barbra Streisand Album

Tue, 7/11/17 - 7:41 pm Album | Track

Doris Day

Booglie wooglie piggy

Complete Doris Day with Les Brown

Tue, 7/11/17 - 7:39 pm Album | Track

Hoagy Carmichael

Cincinnati dancing pig

Hoagy Carmichael in Person

Tue, 7/11/17 - 7:36 pm Album | Track

Rudy Vallee

The old sow song

Fun With Rudy Vallee

Tue, 7/11/17 - 7:33 pm Album | Track

Wingy Manone

Let's spill the beans


Tue, 7/11/17 - 7:30 pm Album | Track

Willie Nelson

American Tune

Across the Borderline

Tue, 7/4/17 - 7:56 pm Album | Track

Count Basie

Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit that Ball

Baseball Soundtrack

Tue, 7/4/17 - 7:53 pm Album | Track

Emmanuelle Vera

Apple Pie


Tue, 7/4/17 - 7:46 pm Album | Track

Mott the Hoople

American Pie

The Ballad of Mott

Tue, 7/4/17 - 7:45 pm Album | Track

John Lennon


Plastic Ono Band

Tue, 7/4/17 - 7:38 pm Album | Track

Al Jolson



Tue, 7/4/17 - 7:35 pm Album | Track

Beastie Boys

Fight For Your Right

Licensed To Ill

Tue, 7/4/17 - 7:31 pm Album | Track


I Can't Believe That You Would Fall For All the Crap in This Song

Exotic Creatures of the Deep

Tue, 6/20/17 - 7:57 pm Album | Track

Mistress Stephanie and Her Melodic Cat

Get Off My Chest

Take That!

Tue, 6/20/17 - 7:53 pm Album | Track

The Congress of Wonder



Tue, 6/20/17 - 7:51 pm Album | Track


Add Me

The Boy Bands Have Won

Tue, 6/20/17 - 7:48 pm Album | Track

Escape Mechanism


Emphasis Added

Tue, 6/20/17 - 7:47 pm Album | Track

Bruce McColloch

40 Housewives

Shame Based Man

Tue, 6/20/17 - 7:45 pm Album | Track

The Ford Motor Company

Tractor Drivin' Man

Product Music Vol. 1

Tue, 6/20/17 - 7:39 pm Album | Track