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Commercial Suicide is Central Texas' longest running experimental music radio program. Experimental, electronic, ambient, minimalist, noise, improvised, and other strange sounds can be heard on the show.

You may also visit us at our Facebook group or email us:

The Team - commercialsuicide at koop dot org
Erik - erik at koop dot org

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Commercial Suicide

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Alva Noto



Sun, 2/23/14 - 8:45 pm Album | Track

Misha Marks

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Sun, 2/23/14 - 8:33 pm Album | Track


Hanging in the Air

Hold Everything Dear

Sun, 2/16/14 - 9:49 pm Album | Track

Michael Chapman

The Resurrection and Revenge of Clayton Peacock

The Resurrection and Revenge of Clayton Peacock

Sun, 2/16/14 - 9:24 pm Album | Track

Ashley Paul


Line The Clouds

Sun, 2/16/14 - 9:18 pm Album | Track

Nick Edwards

Part 2: (No) Escape from '79


Sun, 2/16/14 - 9:02 pm Album | Track

Mike Bullock

Figures Without Ground

Figures Without Ground

Sun, 2/16/14 - 8:37 pm Album | Track

Maja Ratkje



Sun, 2/16/14 - 8:32 pm Album | Track


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