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Freeform music for voracious consumers of sound.

No rules, no agenda, just quality music for open-minded listeners. Everything from obscure underground oldies to brand new releases: experimental rock, classic soul, crime jazz, latin boogaloo, country murder ballads, local demos and more share the airwaves for an hour of aural exploration.

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The Clear Spot

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Cheech & Chong

Santa Claus and His Old Lady

Dr. Demento Presents The Greatest Novelty Records of All Time: Christmas

Sun, 12/24/17 - 1:34 am Album | Track

The Sonics

The Village Idiot

Here Are The Sonics!!!

Sun, 12/24/17 - 1:31 am Album | Track

Los Straitjackets

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Tis The Season For

Sun, 12/24/17 - 1:29 am Album | Track

The Beatles

Christmas Time (Is Here Again)

Free as a Bird

Sun, 12/24/17 - 1:26 am Album | Track

The Penguins

Jingle Jangle

Rockin' Christmas: The 50's

Sun, 12/24/17 - 1:23 am Album | Track

The Sonics

Santa Claus

45 rpm

Sun, 12/24/17 - 1:20 am Album | Track

The Ventures

White Christmas

The Ventures' Christmas Album

Sun, 12/24/17 - 1:18 am Album | Track

The Moonglows

Just a Lonely Christmas

Rockin' Christmas: The 50's

Sun, 12/24/17 - 1:16 am Album | Track

Jimmy Donley

Santa! Don't Pass Me By

A John Waters Christmas

Sun, 12/24/17 - 1:14 am Album | Track

Buck Owen & Susan Raye

Christmas Ain't Christmas Dear Without You

Merry Christmas from Buck Owens & Susan Raye

Sun, 12/24/17 - 1:12 am Album | Track

The Three Suns

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

The Sound of Christmas

Sun, 12/24/17 - 1:10 am Album | Track

Saturday's Children

Deck Five

If You're Ready!

Sun, 12/24/17 - 1:08 am Album | Track

Big Dee Irwin and Little Eva

I Wish You a Merry Christmas

A John Waters Christmas

Sun, 12/24/17 - 1:05 am Album | Track

The Turtles

Christmas is My Time of Year

All the Singles

Sun, 12/24/17 - 1:02 am Album | Track

Chet Atkins

Jingle Bell Rock

Christmas with Chet Atkins

Sun, 12/24/17 - 1:00 am Album | Track


Ex Lion Tamer

Pink Flag

Sun, 12/3/17 - 1:59 am Album | Track

The Valons

You're Something Special


Sun, 12/3/17 - 1:58 am Album | Track

Jane Birkin

Jane B

Je t’aime, Beautiful Love

Sun, 12/3/17 - 1:55 am Album | Track

Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds

La Araña

La Araña es la Vida

Sun, 12/3/17 - 1:53 am Album | Track

The Golliwogs

Brown-Eyed Girl

Fight Fire: The Complete Recordings

Sun, 12/3/17 - 1:51 am Album | Track


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