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Freeform music for voracious consumers of sound.

No rules, no agenda, just quality music for open-minded listeners. Everything from obscure underground oldies to brand new releases: experimental rock, classic soul, crime jazz, latin boogaloo, country murder ballads, local demos and more share the airwaves for an hour of aural exploration.

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The Clear Spot

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Marianne Mendt -

Wie A Glock'n -

Wie A Glock'n

Sat, 3/8/14 - 7:10 pm Album | Track

Sonia -

Aqui En Mi Nube -

Chicas: Spanish Female Singers 1962 - 1974

Sat, 3/8/14 - 7:06 pm Album | Track

Betty Chung -

Bang Bang -

Let's A Go Go: Singapore and Southeast Asian Pop Scene 1964-1969

Sat, 3/8/14 - 7:03 pm Album | Track

Captain Beefheart -

Clear Spot -

Clear Spot

Sat, 3/8/14 - 7:00 pm Album | Track


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