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Off the Beatle Path takes you onto the musical roads less-traveled by former Beatles and Beatle-inspired artists of every kind. Lifelong record collector and music journalist Rush Evans digs deep into the world of the Beatles (and his own massive collection of Beatle-related rarities), which reaches far beyond that group’s own output in the sixties. Every week, listen to rare tracks from the solo work of each of the former Beatles, along with a diverse array of artists from every genre covering Beatles songs. Other Beatle-related rarities will surface, including records from the Apple label and music inspired directly by the Beatles. A splendid time. Guaranteed.

Please contact the show with comments, requests, and random Beatlemania at [email protected].

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Off the Beatle Path

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Better Days

No Dice

Mon, 6/5/17 - 5:17 pm Album | Track


I Don't Mind

No Dice

Mon, 6/5/17 - 5:14 pm Album | Track


Believe Me

No Dice

Mon, 6/5/17 - 5:11 pm Album | Track

The String Quartet

Ticket to Ride

Tribute to the Beatles

Mon, 6/5/17 - 5:08 pm Album | Track


Beautiful and Blue

Magic Christian Music

Mon, 6/5/17 - 5:06 pm Album | Track



Magic Christian Music

Mon, 6/5/17 - 5:03 pm Album | Track


Storm in a Teacup

Magic Christian Music

Mon, 6/5/17 - 5:01 pm Album | Track

The Beatles

Cry for a Shadow

Anthology 1

Mon, 6/5/17 - 5:00 pm Album | Track

Flaming Lips

A Day in the Life

A Little Help from My Fwends

Mon, 5/29/17 - 5:53 pm Album | Track

Easy Star All-Stars

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Reprise

Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band

Mon, 5/29/17 - 5:51 pm Album | Track

The Ms

Good Morning Good Morning

Sgt. Pepper...With a Little Help from His Friends

Mon, 5/29/17 - 5:48 pm Album | Track

David Pulkingham

Lovely Rita

Beatles Complete on Ukulele

Mon, 5/29/17 - 5:45 pm Album | Track

Los Norte Americanos

When I'm 64

Tijuana Beatles

Mon, 5/29/17 - 5:43 pm Album | Track

Anthony Newley

Within You Without You

The Beatles Forever TV special

Mon, 5/29/17 - 5:37 pm Album | Track


Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite

Sgt. Pepper...With a Little Help from His Friends

Mon, 5/29/17 - 5:35 pm Album | Track

Billy Bragg

She's Leaving Home

Reaching to the Converted

Mon, 5/29/17 - 5:29 pm Album | Track

The Wood Brothers

Fixing a Hole

Up Above My Head

Mon, 5/29/17 - 5:21 pm Album | Track

Davy Graham

Getting Better


Mon, 5/29/17 - 5:18 pm Album | Track

The Black Crowes

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

I Am Sam soundtrack

Mon, 5/29/17 - 5:13 pm Album | Track

Richie Havens

With a Little Help from My Friends


Mon, 5/29/17 - 5:05 pm Album | Track


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