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Hosts - Charlie Martin, Kim Simpson, Rob Carter, Lorrie Flowers, Eric Hungate
Email - [email protected]
Time - Thursdays, Noon to 1pm

Digging deeper into Austin music - Since its inception some decades ago, this three-time winner of KOOP's Silver Mic Award for "Most Austin" Show has spanned the full breadth of work by Austin area musicians past and present, exposing during this period more genres, artists, and fields of musical endeavor from the Austin area than any other weekly radio show anywhere.


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Austin musicians are invited to submit their music - new or old - to Around the Town Sounds for airplay consideration.

Send to:
Charlie Martin
KOOP Radio
PO Box 4089
Austin TX 78705-4089

Or contact us via email: [email protected]

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Around the Town Sounds

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Mrs. Virginia


A City Just As Tall

Sat, 3/22/14 - 5:49 pm Album | Track



The King

Sat, 3/22/14 - 5:44 pm Album | Track

Agent Ribbons

Oh, La La!

Chateau Crone

Sat, 3/22/14 - 5:39 pm Album | Track

Tele Novella

No Excalibur


Sat, 3/22/14 - 5:36 pm Album | Track


You Really Got Me Going

Exploding, Impacting

Sat, 3/22/14 - 5:30 pm Album | Track


The Start of Something

Raised By Wolves

Sat, 3/22/14 - 5:25 pm Album | Track

Low Line Caller


good danny's good friends vol. 1

Sat, 3/22/14 - 5:17 pm Album | Track

Black Before Red

Underneath Gold

Belgrave to Kings Circle

Sat, 3/22/14 - 5:15 pm Album | Track

Tacks, The Boy Disaster

Frozen Feet

Oh, Beatrice

Sat, 3/22/14 - 5:07 pm Album | Track

Tacks, The Boy Disaster

Down By The Shore


Sat, 3/22/14 - 5:03 pm Album | Track


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