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The Andean Hour (La Hora Andina) features the musical traditions of the Andean countries - Bolivia, Peru - Ecuador, and parts of Chile and Argentina. It focuses on past and contemporary artists, as well as on the regional and local genres of both rural and city traditions. It explores the musical heritage of the indigenous Aymara and Quechua, the music of traditional festivals, and the immense diversity of song and dance forms, instruments, and voices from the Andes. In any Andean Hour, the listener may hear fragments from a Colonial period Mass sung in Quechua, the virtuoso charango player Ernesto Cavour, and panpipe ensembles from the Andean Highlands, as well as prestigious groups such as Kjarkas, Savia Andina, and much, much more. In this program, new and old are blended in an exciting musical adventure!

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Andean Hour

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Tue, 1/24/17 - 6:00 pm Album | Track

Comunidad Sagrada Coca

"Wilson Poma" sikuri

Inalmama Coca Sagrada

Tue, 9/1/15 - 12:23 pm Album | Track

Los Bohemios Perdidos



Wed, 5/3/17 - 5:30 pm Album | Track

Los Bohemios Perdidos



Wed, 5/3/17 - 5:15 pm Album | Track

Cerisanto Alarcon

. Tonada de Año Nuevo

Musica Chapaca de los valles del Altiplano de Tarilja

Tue, 1/5/16 - 12:11 pm Album | Track


2 Cuecas Bravas


Tue, 5/12/15 - 12:38 pm Album | Track

Maria Antonieta Garcia Meza

2 Yarabies by Teofilo Vargas

Estudio de la Musica Boliviana(Collection)

Tue, 1/5/16 - 12:37 pm Album | Track


a & b.Funeral Music

Traditional Music of Peru # Cajamarca and the Colca Valley

Tue, 10/31/17 - 5:29 pm Album | Track

Grupo Aymara

a Ancestro b. Aliriña


Tue, 5/31/16 - 12:39 pm Album | Track

Sureste Tango

A Don Augustin


Tue, 8/2/16 - 12:52 pm Album | Track


A donde voy


Tue, 7/28/15 - 12:20 pm Album | Track

Hector Pavez

A la mar fuí por naranjas

Chile Típico

Tue, 10/3/17 - 5:55 pm Album | Track

Las Payas

A La Orilla de Una Fuente

Cuecas Bolivianas

Tue, 6/21/16 - 12:01 pm Album | Track

Juan Rosales

A Las Orillas del Conococha

Huayno The Music of Peru Volume 2

Tue, 1/13/15 - 12:15 pm Album | Track

Luis Rico

A Maria


Tue, 5/9/17 - 5:55 pm Album | Track

Hermanos Simon

A Nuestro Hermano

Homeaje a los Hermanos Simon

Tue, 4/21/15 - 12:50 pm Album | Track

Norte Potosí

A Que no Sabes

Norte Potosí/ Tras la Huellas de los Pueblos Quechuas

Tue, 2/10/15 - 12:55 pm Album | Track

Norte Potosí

A que No Sabes

A que no Sabes

Tue, 1/12/16 - 12:36 pm Album | Track

Norte Potosí

A que no sabes

" A que no sabes.." Tras la Huella dmusical de los Pueblos Quechuas

Tue, 1/20/15 - 12:21 pm Album | Track

Norte Potosí

A que no sabes

Tras la Huella Musical de Los Andes

Tue, 8/18/15 - 12:30 pm Album | Track


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